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HELP Technical Difficulties


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Hey, Tech Gurus. I've a little problem here and would appreciate suggestions to correct it.

I recently bought a new computer. However with this new one I can't see the videos posted on eGriz. The videos will play and I hear the audio portion, but once the video begins the video screen just goes to blank white while it's running.

This problem doesn't seem to exist elsewhere. Videos on news sites, or uTube come through just fine. Is there sometime (realtime, or another player) that didn't come loaded on this new machine???
Thanks in advance. :ugeek:
Do you have adobe flash on your new computer? Is it a pc, tablet, notebook? If its a tablet running on android, it probably doesn't support flash video, which is what Gogriz.com uses.
I've heard people say if they're using Macs or iPads that the Puffin web browser works a lot better?

If you're on windows are you using Internet Explorer? Might want to try Chrome.
Gents, Thanks for the tips offered. FYI, it is a notebook computer, and is running on Internet Explorer.

I'd be surprised if it didn't come with the Adobe, though perhaps it didn't. I need to head out right now but will try each suggestions later tonight (adobe & chrome). Thanks. :ugeek:
You likely need to update your version of Adobe's Flash Player. Also, you definitely need to get a new browser!