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Help - I need a scouting report on SH state


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I know that john kasper will come out with his preview on thursday but i was wondering if any egrizers or visitors from Sam Houston could give us a little idea about any gamebreakers that they have on their team and the style of offense that they are going to use. BH said that they were a balanced team and nothing more.

Don't know where to start. We will run a one-back spread offense, the same offense we ran in 2001. We have a nice size O-Line (6-3,300 )avg. We have some quick,fast RB's. Keep your eyes on Jason Godfrey (6-0,215 4.4 speed). He will open some eyes and run over some people. Starting QB is nothing special, but we are very high on the true freshman backup Wade Pate (6-3,205). Has GREAT arm and is mobile. Reminds us alot of our 2001 QB Josh McCown now with the Cardinals. Pate's older brother,Wes, is in the NFL as a backup right now. He started at SFA for 4 years. Watch this kid when he gets in. He will open some eyes. We will run the ball to set up the pass. We will definitely pass the ball. Receivers are best and deepest position.
Defense, we switched to a 4-2-5 defense with lots of speed. We have one of the linebackers that can scoot (4.4 40) and another that has a nose for the ball (14 tackles last week). Secondary not big, but fast and will hit you hard.
We are young in some areas, playing several freshman last week. This team is probably the most athletic team we have had in few years. Special teams is strong as usual. We had one kick block and a 99yd kickoff return for a TD.

Our main concern is wondering how the young guys will handle the atmosphere. (Loud and Crazy). We will see. If we can hang around in the 1st half. the game should be interesting. Good luck!!
Kats 89,
thanks for the preview, taht was a lot better than the paper had. How much are the quarterbacks going to rotate.
There is no telling! Last week our so called starter played the first quarter and then the freshman played the second. The starter played pretty much the whole second half so I don't know what his thinking is.
I will tell you this, the freshman QB is definitely our future. This kid has a great upside. His older brother was the starting QB at Stephen F Austin for four years and is now in the NFL. Wade Pate is our QB and he is big, strong and mobile. Has a cannon for an arm. He reminds us a lot of McCown from 2001. Maybe not as fast as McCown, but definitely all the tools.
I would say that Tobaben will probably play the first quarter (hopefully less :lol: ), but should give way to Pate by then. If Pate has some success, he will probably play the rest of the game. If he struggles at all, then Tobaben will probably start the 3rd, and might go the rest of the way from there.