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Help GGG and Family battle MS!


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Normally eGriz'ers... I'd never put something like this up but I feel it's important enough to do so.

My wife has Multiple Sclerosis, and each year the National Multiple Sclerosis Society puts on the MS Walk to help raise funds to help find a cure for this disease.

Missoula has not had an MS Walk for several years, but there will be one May 10, 2003 at McCormick Park. My family and I will be putting together a team of walkers and hope to raise $1500.

If you can help in anyway by donating money or time to this cause please do so. I have a 'Dontation' button set up on my web site if you'd like to sponsor our team.

Please visit http://www.joynerweb.net to make a donation, or for more information about MS, visit http://www.nmss.org (National Multiple Sclerosis Society)

Thanks for your time! You're all angels! :angel:

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