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Hauck was offered job at noon today.

Head Coach Bob Hauck
D-coordinator Tim Hauck
D-Tackles Tom Hauck

Sounding very good so far!!!!! Just wish my last name was Hauck, might give me a shot :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Assuming Hauck accepts, I wonder if we'll get any UW transfers. 8) 8)
If Hauck gets hired it won't be because of a popularity contest judging from the poll we have here. If it was a popularity contest, Kelly should be the guy.

But I kind of like Hauck being hired because defense is a key in winning. But if he was offered, all likelihood he has somebody that is good at offensive coordinator. Hopefully he will also have somebody real good at defensive coordinator that thinks like Hauck or at least has have the same philosophy on defense.

But do you think it would be crazy for an Athletic Director to extend offers to all candidates that he thinks will do a great job? First one to accept wins.