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Hauck Assistants...


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A relative of Hauck's family said that Bob accepted the position today. Some of his staff will most likely include Hammerstein as D-Coordinator. Other position coaches will include Steve Emtman, Tim Hauck, Tom Hauck, and Kraig Paulson. Paulson was signed as a position coach only. Tim will more than likely come to Missoula pending the end of his NFL season with the 49ers. But that will be January since the Niners will be in San Diego playing for the Super Bowl. This is as official as it gets for now. He also is bringing a couple Graduate Assistant Coaches from the Huskies.
The EWU Offensive Coordinator is likely not going to be joining the Grizzlies with the same position.
Another poster said that the Hauck family is very tight lipped about their business, and wouldn't have said anything until Bob announced things. I know a couple of members of the family, and would believe this.
If it is Hauck, and I hope it is, who are the assistants. Who really knows what? Who is Hammerstein? Who is the offensive coordinator????? Why won't Wayne tell us today?????????????? This is worse than waiting for Santa.
Paulson will probably be the linebacker coach.  
Etman will be a coach on the offense likely.
Phenicie, formerly of Wyoming, will possibly be Offensive Coordinator.
I thought Etman was an O-lineman. Didn't he win the Outland trophy for outstanding O-lineman?
Emtman was a D-Lineman....could it be you are confusing him with Tony Mandarich whod was about the same age and was even a bigger bust. I know Emtman was a D-Tackle because he was selected along with Cornelius Bennet and the two of them were supposed to leads the Colts the promise land....although as we all know that didn't happen!!
Isn't he the same D-line guy that SI did a feature on once? I think I remember them saying he put on 65 pounds over a summer or something like that.
You guys his name was Steve Entman, with an n. He was the number 1 draft choice out of Washington in 1992. He was an defensive lineman.

One of James' prized pupils was defensive lineman Steve Entman, the first player taken in the 1992 NFL draft by the Indianapolis Colts.

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