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Happy Gameday & Thank god for saturday...


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and not the reasons you will expect. I am thankful because after the griz put a pounding on north dakota the grizzly faithful can finally reclaim their message board. Thank God that the talk of their teams parity with the griz will be over and we can be done with that tiresome talk.

Happy Game Day to Jimus and everyone else. - Where are you sitting?

After the griz game remeber to turn on CBS to root for the 'CANES over Florida and you can also flip to TBS to cheer on the Bayou Tigers over the hapless arizona wildcats.
I actually will be sorry to see 'em go, I've gotten to kinda like a lot of 'em. It's hard not to be impressed with their rabid, spit-in-death's-eye enthusiasm and their knowledge of NDSU's tradition and history. Just take a look at some of the smack threads -- when you see the posts referring to the games they won back in 1939, you'll see what I mean. I'll look forward to seeing a swarm of Bearkat fans next week, though.
The parents of SHSU's starting DE Steven Hagler are coming up to stay with my in-laws and I'm looking forward to seeing them, too. We had a chance to meet them when they came up for that playoff tilt a couple years ago where the Griz handed SHSU a 35 or so point shellacking. The Kats were a little embarrassed, but were so awe-stricken by Wash-Griz that they couldn't wait to get back, according to my in-laws.

Anyway, 1:05 can't come soon enough for me, it'll be great to see Griz feast on Bison carcass, and the ndsu faithful will leave as full of piss & vinegar as they are now. Go Griz and I hope the Bison kick the hell out of the rest of DII after they receive a serious glazing tomorrow.
Believe me having the opposing fans coming here is very entertaining. It keeps the board lively. I agree with WhereDoI and I am going to invite all the BearKat faithful to come on over next week.
The Bison are trying to enter the Big Sky Conference. I expect them to be popping in now and then to discuss just that. And I figure they will come in because they just want to have a friendly chat.
I will be drinking beer at Bombers Sports Bar in Rock Springs, Wyoming and watching the game from here. Work prevented me from attending in person. An interesting note.....my Parents are Montana alumi and will be here watching the game with me.

Good luck to both teams today. I hope both escape injury free. :bounce:

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