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GSU loses.

I only saw what ESPN gave us, it was pretty exciting. About as exciting as it can get without going into overtime. It looks like the Griz and GSU will both be pretty hungry next year after not getting to Nooga this year. Could make for one hell of a game next year if it happens.
Well, looks like you guys can save us some space in the general "we done been whupped'" spectator section in Chattanoota. But it wasn't a fluke, we got our butts whipped by a superior team.. WKN has never been to a Championship game, and this GSU fan wishes them all the luck. I wish to congratulate the Griz team for a great year also! It seems like for some reason the Griz and Eagle teams really "disllike each other", but thats just because they are both so competitive and both teams have such a successful winning history.. I wish we could both be playing in Chattanooga, but its just not our year. No doubt both teams will be back in the playoffs next year, so we'll look forward to that possibility. You know what they say, "the sun don't shine on the same dog all the time." So the sun bypassed two great teams to shine on two better than great teams. Hope all the Griz fans and team members and everyone at your Great University have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hope to see you next season! Best Wishes JWP
Back at ya' Jesse Pomeroy, thanks for the sportsmanship.

I'm not so sure that WKU was the superior team...they seem to me to be classless. Sure #15 won the game for them, but his antics, IMHO, brought their whole program down. Why a coach would tolerate that type of behavior is beyond me.

As a true Griz fan, I've had 3 real big suprises this year, and they are as follows, in order of their "surpriseness"...

1. Griz losing to Montana State
2. Griz giving up a 17 point lead to McNeese
3. GSU not being able to hang #7 this year

Bet your house, your season tickets, and your bald headed granny, that the Griz WILL BE BACK next year, and we surely hope to see GSU along the way. Best wishes to you and yours this holiday season. GO GRIZ!!!

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