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Grizzlies, Denver Broncos, & UNLV


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The Griz & Broncos blew out presumed FCS & NFL powerhouses. I'm feeling good re: that. Seems both teams have reduced a few questions re: their respective strengths in their leagues.

Not feeling good re: BH at UNLV. Seems there's always something going wrong when the Rebels play, like the STs giving 21 points to Minnesota. It's ironic that BH is the ST coach there, but unlike w/ the Griz, that's the weakest part of Rebel offense.

I guess BH chose not to have live ST practices. Also, he kept starters out of ST lineup. Maybe he's learned something, now. Surprising, with his experience. Rebel fans are calling for a separate ST coach. BH has trouble letting some things go from his past.

For example, he kept Phenecie & Paulson as OC & DC too long, presumably out of long-standing friendship. That backfired. Now, he thinks he can coach STs while trying to manage the rest of a FBS team, like he did at MT.

Someone said BH is out of his league in FBS. Possibly true. BH had better change his ways this season, because it could well be his last in FBS. We'll see if he does so vs. Arizona this weekend. Or, maybe something else breaks down. We'll see.