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Grizzlies 123, Sons Of Blue Whatever 70


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Lots of scoring by the Griz tonight against a team without much defense. Dlouhy Scored the 100th point with around 8 minutes left to go in the game.

But then when you play against a team that has only 7 players that most likely practice two or three times a week, it is perfectly understandable. I would say the Sons of Blue Angels had 3 good players. One of them was very athletic. But, no matter, that team wasn't going to risk fouling anybody out. Didn't have the depth on the team.

Whether the Blue Angels offered enough competition to actually benefit the Griz it is hard to say. I think it may have allowed the players a chance to just get out on the court and get their first game jitters out. And they got rid of those jitters fast.

But, a concern I have is the number of fouls and defense. The Griz committed too many fouls. Same problem I saw in the silver-maroon scrimmage.
Seyfert fouled out early in the second half. Horne picked up his third somewhat early in the first half. Team reached 10 fouls with 9 1/2 minutes in the first half, and also had more than 10 fouls in the second half. This needs to be worked on.

Next game Griz will be stepping up to a much higher level of competition against a team that played in last years NCAA tournament, Wisconsin-Milwaukee, on the road. It will be a big test for the Griz early on. A chance for the Griz to really step it up. GO GRIZ.
Thanks True - I didn't make it to the game, listened to part of it on the radio. Sounded like some of the foul calls were questionable, and I thought the same thing at the scrimmage. What is your thought on this? If true I wonder if this reflects Kennedy asking the refs to be strict to prepare the team, or some change in how games will be called this year.

The Missoulian said the inside game was strong - if so that woudl be a great sign since it has been our weakness lately - any thoughts on this from the game True? I hope our inside game wasn't strong just because SBA was afraid to foul.

Sounds like Davis and Booker have really stepped up, just as many on this board predicted. Should be a fun year.
The inside game I believe will be strong this year. Yesterday's game may not be totally indicative how it will be because of the lack of depth on the Blue Angel's, having only 7 players.

This is too early in the season to really worry about the fouls. I believe most of it stems from poor defense. But being early in the season, there are always going to be something to work on, and defense is one of them.

This team has more potential than any team I have watched since the early '90s. If they can be consistent on offense, and work on defense, this team will be one heck of a great team to watch.

Kamaar is the real deal. He has excellent control with his moves to the basket. Booker is excellent shooter and can handle the ball more than adequately to be point guard. And Mansell is darn good at point guard also. Point guard is definitely a strong point.

As for the refs, this game is also a tune up for them. Reffing takes practice. But, then, I never did feel the Big Sky ever hired many good refs. Not the most prestigious conference to work for, and the pay isn't the highest for refs in Division I basketball. It wasn't that long ago that the Conference raised the pay to help improve the officiating, but it seemed to just end up paying the same bad refs more money. Or, it seems to me. I haven't kept track of the turnover lately.