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Griz will win IAA championship


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Hello Griz fans,
I'm back to post my prediction- Griz go all the way to win another National Championship. I don't think there is anyone that can keep up with you in terms of overall talent. 8)

As a side note, my Bronco's (now 10-1) will go 13-1 and finish in the Top 10.

Good luck and just don't shoot yourselves in the foot and you will win out. Sorry NAU and MSU, no championship this year. :cry:
Bronco thanks for the vote of confidence.

I just have to rib you, I live in Boise and really think that the majority of people don't care how BSU does...I for one don't, but I guess good luck in trying to bring a team that is any good to play. Last I heard it could be the powerhouse 6-5 Virginia team. Wow that is a way to get respect.

No chipper for BSU...ever!!!
Well Dicbo, you would be correct. There is no defending that, just happen to live in Boise and going back to school. But a true Griz fan here. I couldn't say the same about you though, you must be a Dawg fan living in Seattle.
I didn't want to get into a Boise thread, but I do think more than 50% (majority) of this Valley does care about how Boise State does. Boise State is a teenager in terms of a University though. It doesn't have the 100 year tradition of Montana. I think most will agree though, the football success of a school which has only been a University for about 30 years is pretty darn good. I haven't seen anyone else duplicate it, have you??

Anyway good luck to the Griz...
Thanks for the kind words Bronco. Actually, I think a lot of Griz fans still follow BSU. I still miss the Broncos, and whenever I'm feeling blue, I pull out the film of the last battle with BSU in 1995. It always picks me up.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Here's some Bronco/Griz trivia. The brother of former Griz defensive backfield coach John Hefty (last year's coach) plays linebacker for Boise St. I believe the Hefty's grew up in California.
I am curious as to what the locals think about the low number of Idaho players on the roster. I counted 22. It might as well be Boise, Caliho.
Your team is on the way up and deserves better than the WAC. The bottom feeders in that league are really bad. Best of luck in joining the Mountain West. It's too bad you are tied into the Hummer Bowl. The 6th place SEC team is not that exciting.
maroon said:
The 6th place SEC team is not that exciting.

But will still be more than a tough match up for BSU. At this point the sixth team would be Auburn, Florida, Tennesee, or Arkanas. I will take any of those teams over BSU by at least a TD. :wink:
* The H-bowl is tied into the ACC not SEC. We shouldn't lose, but who knows, anything can happen.

* Tim Hefty is the linebacker here and I didn't know he had a tie into the Griz. He is a nice kid, I took my 5 year old to the spring scrimage and we met him there.

* I miss the Montana game every year as well. It was a fun rivalry. The Griz have progressed well and seem to wear the pants in the BSC. I'll be rooting for you in the playoffs.

* I might try to come to Missoula and watch and early season game next year. My wife is from Montana so I can probably work it into the schedule.