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Griz -vs- Vandals, by the Numbers


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All numbers are yards, except scoring offense/defense, and are an average of the total games played this year.

Rushing Offense: 145-Griz 104-Idaho ADVANTAGE GRIZ
Rushing Defense: 53-Griz 173-Idaho ADVANTAGE GRIZ
Passing Offense: 251-Griz 300-Idaho ADVANTAGE Idaho
Passing Eff. Defense:97-Griz 180-Idaho ADVANTAGE GRIZ
Total Offense: 396-Griz 404-Idaho EVEN
Total Defense: 256-Griz 502-Idaho ADVANTAGE GRIZ
Scoring Offense:27-Griz 26-Idaho Even
Scoring Defense: 7.5-Griz 45-Idaho ADVANTAGE GRIZ
(numbers are through the Griz first 4 games, Idaho's first 5 games)

So... in a nutshell, the Griz D is putting up great numbers and should be able to hold Idaho to a few scores. The Griz Offense is gonna have to put up some 'much bigger' numbers than in the past four games.

Should be one heck of a game.

Thoughts? Comments?
Jim, I'm thinking we may need to score 30 points to win, and may need a special teams td (Levander) and/or a defensive TD to get to 30 with the way the O has struggled. Who knows maybe this will be the coming out party for of one of our young RB's or WR's. I feel this is a very winnable game but we have to play way better offensively to get the W. I think we will, and predict a 34 27 Griz win!!!!!
That is an interesting comparison and I would love to see it all come true but if you are going to compare numbers that are put up against opposing teams then you also have to compare the opponents.

Sure the Griz have played some decent teams but there is no way the likes of Hofstra, Albany, Northern Colorado and Idaho State can compare with the Vandal's opponents. 3 of their 4 losses came against top 20 teams, #7 Oregon, #12 Washington, #17 Washington St. Ouch, that just hurts. They must be getting a heck of a big payoff to lose to so many top tier teams.

I would love for those numbers to hold true and give the Griz a win but I think this is going to be a really tough game, hopefully Idaho is so worn out from playing those big schools and our offense can get into a groove and put up some quality drives that result in touchdowns not field goal attempts.
I'm with Cad...... Idaho is a mystery. They have won the only game on their schedule that was winnable.(SDST) No chance with WSU, UW, or Oregon all away games, and Boise has become a top tier mid-major team. They may even get ranked this year in the top 25. They have been receiving votes.

Granted, some of Idaho's numbers may have come in "garbage time." Against 2nd and 3rd stringers. But Still putting up good #'s on top teams in the nation. Don't let the stats and their record fool you.....Idaho is a tuff team. I think Joe Glenn called them the best Offense we will face all year.!! Also, the most physical team we will face....

I do not like this game. Our offense will have to be sharp. Plus, no one gives Idaho national credit. All the "experts" will say that the Griz should put a whippin on the Vandels. But let us remember that they are the 1_A team here. They do get those extra 30 scholarships each year. They do have an O-line that is gaint! O-line = 314,304,336,320,298lbs. And have one of the top passers in the nation......

In a game that we should NOT win....we are expected TO win by all the voters for the 1-AA top 25. So...it's win or drop from the top!
I just would like to see the offense put together a solid 4 quarters for once. I don't want to be the ass hole, but I have yet to be impressed by thier performance thus far. Having said that, the potential is there... kill the penalties and you've got a kick ass offense.

The defense on the other hand... hell, they kick ass. They are the reason the griz are 4-0 this season.
Don't get me wrong. The Griz O has sooooooooo much talent and potential to prove they are a young O that is better than ANYBODY in the IAA.
By the 'numbers' it looks like Griz's game, but I failed to take into consideration the 1-A, size, etc. yada yada of the equation. What was I thinking!? *burp*

Thanks to my colleagues who pointed this out! :wink:

P.S. I'll be seeing this live in the Kibbie Dome, heading to the game with some folks from work. Promise to get some good pictures and weave a wonderful tale to you all after the return trip! Have a great time watching it on T.V.

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