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Griz vs NAU


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Let the conference a$$ kicking begin. The road to Frisco starts this coming Saturday and I feel pretty darn good overall about this team. JJ picked up where he left off two years ago and some big holes have been filled, both on the ground game and receiving. Worst just improved the kicking game so that will hopefully be much less stressful. NAU will present a great challenge being on road and well, its NAU. Jerome has that win he so badly wanted and will look to build on it so he will have them ready to go. Should be a good game but winnable if we simply show up and play smart. Our defense is looking good and improving and if that trend continues should be stellar come mid October. Offense is clicking with Jordy under center and I feel we will go as far as Jordy can take us if he can stay healthy. It seems to me that we are so balanced right now with so many weapons to choose from that any team will be spending some extra time in the woodshed trying to figure out how to stop this runaway train.
NAU 14
Griz 37


lumberJill's 24

NAU has OL troubles like MSU and Zack Bauman is not getting the yards he normally does. The way you guys are playing right now at such a high level, this won't even be close.

This game determines if the Griz are the real deal or not! NAU is formiddable, hanging in the top 25. Can't wait to see where we stand!
Bauman had 153 yards vs. South Dakota! He won't do that against the Griz. Surprising that USD kept it so close! Is USD that good or is NAU over-rated? We'll see this weekend, with a nice and rested 1st string.

Griz 45
NAU 17

Go GRIZ!!!
going to say we do really well in this game exicuting and hitting all open WR and Running more than expected with a score of 51-21. Go Griz :clap: :thumb:
Don't forget that the 2013 Griz team is out to set the records straight from the 2012 season. NAU is likely to get the same treatment as App St. and North Dakota. Revenge is a real motivator, so a score closer to those two games is likely what we will see.
NAU has scored on the Grizzly defense the first play of game two years running. I think they will break that streak and crush NAU. Griz 44 NAU 10.
Griz 1st team has given up exactly ONE TD in what wouldn't be considered "garbage time".

Zero to App State
Opening drive to UND (next points scored when it was 33-7 and next TD when it was 40-10)
3rd stringers in against OPSU when it was already 38-0.

I see no reason to expect different against a team (NAU) that has struggled mightily to score points offensively.

Griz 38
NAU 10
I think the NAU game comes down to how well we hold the NAU running game in check and make them a one dimesional offense. NAU's defense looks to be formidable; however, we will get points.
GRIZ 31 NAU 17
GO GRIZ! :clap: