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Griz Special Teams...Yeah!


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While all of us are still licking our wounds after Saturday, I'd like to give props to at least one facet of the Griz team that has been good to great all year long (well, maybe not the NDSU game)--Special teams.

As of this weekend's games the Griz (and Griz players) rank, nationally:

1st in kickoff returns (team)
4th in net punting (team)
37th in punt returns (team)
2nd in field goals (Chris Snyder)
3rd in kickoff returns (Jefferson Heidelberger)
12th in scoring (Chris Snyder)
15th in punting (Tyson Johnson)
38th in punt returns (Levander Segars)

On top of that, Snyder routinely drives the kickoffs deep into (or out of) the endzone, when given the green light, and kick coverage has also been good.

Special teams has kept us in, or won, several games for the Griz this year. BH obviously knows how to coach this part of the game. (Not to mention that we have some great skill players on special teams.)

But can't someone figure out how to get the ball into JH's hands a few more times per game? Please?
I too like the direction of the Special teams, especially the KOR unit.

To be honest though, i'd just assume have Snyder kick it out the endzone everytime...but that's just me. :D
Not kicking it deep is stupid overthinking (coaching). Trying to pin them inside the 20 when you have given up multiple kicks out of bounds is like....throwing back to back fades to a 5'9" receiver when you are ramming down their throats with Green.
Kicking to a spot might be a good idea in the PAC-10 where most of the games are at sea level. It is really dumb in the Big Sky where most games are above 3000 feet elevation. This is over-coaching on Hauck's part, and not really smart when you have a great kicker like Chris Snyder. Kick the $0B out of the end zone.
You know, I think you'd be singing a different song if our place-kicks were pinning them on the 2 or 6 yard line like whatever team it was we played this year (Weber?) kept doing to us. That guy made it tough!
yeah, and everybody would be singing a different tune if the griz were 7-0, with an average margin of victory of 40 pts. and that song would be even more different if they were 0-7, and getting abused by everybody they played. in other words, your point, maestro, is what?
argh! said:
yeah, and everybody would be singing a different tune if the griz were 7-0...

I would sure like to hear that tune, but I'll settle for the one that's being played now.
Argh, huh?? I thot it was pretty clear, but maybe not. People are criticizing decisions to try and place kicks close to the goal line rather than in the end zone, calling it overcoaching and such, because it hasn't always worked. However, if it was always working, they wouldn't be critical of it---they'd be "singing a different song". Clear enough for you now? What you said made no sense to me at all. To the people who made the critical comments, I didn't mean to dis on you---just looking at it from another perspective.
i understand what you are and were trying to say. what i was trying to say in response was that the pooch kick-off hasn't been working. all the conjecture in the world won't change that, it's already happened. it hasn't worked for the griz and snyder, why bring up instances where it has, for other kickers and other teams? doesn't make any sense to me. not that i make any sense to anybody else. no worries.
I think this is just a matter of assesing the risk and reward in doing so. By trying to kick to a corner and pinning them deep, in reality it seldom works. The returner 8 out of 10 times will return it back to at least the 20 or let it go out of bounds which means giving them possession on the 35. When it works we may pin them back to the 10 but the risk in my opinion is too great. Reward of 10 yds risk of 15?
I personally don't like the odds but I'm not the coach......Kick it deep.