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GRIZ/Simon Fraser


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Tip off, GRIZ tip the ball out of bounds. Hutch , Gregory, Weisner, and Jamar are all in great shape. Weisner drives for a lay in with power.
Gregory with 3, followed by GRIZ having Hutch draw a charge, then a hoop and harm by Hutch on the other end. Took the ball up really strong.
Deshields with a steal and fouled at half court. Hutch only 1 of 3 from the FT line, but 2 inside hoops already.
Deshields with a lay in for 2. 15-4 at the 1st media time out. Defense looking very good. Hutchison playing with more confidence.
Dunn just absolutely left everyone in the dust for a lay in, including his own teammates. Dude is seriously quick and fast. Faster than Cherry with the ball.
I guess many are out drinking after the football game . For those who read later. Trying my best to keep up here with the game.
Kemp with a nasty spin move for a thunder 1 hand reverse dunk, followed by a 3 by Gregory. Kemp's dunk was impressive.
7/13 from the line so far. By the way the GOGRIZ.com video is great. Jamar for 3, 42-12 GRIZ. Doing what they should do in this game.