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A revealing Fritz Neighbor interview with Kefense:

http://missoulian.com/sports/college/montana/football/catching-up-with-kefense-hynson-griz-co-oc-anxious-for/article_be7e6674-8e8e-11e2-af6f-0019bb2963f4.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Sounds more like tweaks than a complete overhaul.
Crap I thought they were implementing the veer so we would be prepared for GSU in 5 years after our post season ban expires.

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grizfnz said:
Crap I thought they were implementing the veer so we would be prepared for GSU in 5 years after our post season ban expires.

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I thought it was double tight 2 back power running???
Here's the meat of the Kefense Hynson interview. Sounds like he will call the plays according to this piece
& what they plan to add to the offense:
Q. So how’d it come about at Western Washington, and were you nervous the first game?

A. It was kind of the same way, our coordinator left and I was promoted. I wasn’t very nervous. Our first game was against UC Davis down there, opening their new stadium (in 2007). We won the game (28-21) and our quarterback played really well. I wasn’t very nervous – I mean, I’d prepared hard for it. We had some good players, and we kind of gave them a chance and got out of the way. We had a pretty good plan, and our staff did a good job – it wasn’t like I was in it by myself.

Q. How does Western Washington compare to UM in number of assistant coaches in the stands? I think OC must be one of the tougher jobs in football.

A. Well Western was a smaller stage, for sure – it was nothing like here, it’s not even comparable. But it’s football. Same rules, same number of people, and it was competitive football; we probably had quite a few guys who could play at this level and be successful. Pressure’s all relative – if you allow it to happen, you can feel pressure at any stage. From a football standpoint there were a lot of similarities. The resources were different, and the venues – attendance was night and day. But it was similar in the ways that mattered.

Q. You mentioned the zone read, so how much different is this job going to be than Yale or Western Washington in terms of the basics of the offense?

A. We were of a different philosophy at both those other places we were at. I don’t want to make everybody re-learn stuff, I don’t want to slow guys down that way. Obviously I’m a different person than the previous play-caller, so that might lead to some changes in terms of when we call what. We met as a staff and went through it, and we want to build on the stuff we liked and draw some new ideas that make sense to us moving forward.

Q. So you’re looking forward to spring drills?

A. Spring is awesome. You get a chance to see some guys and see if the offseason paid off for them. You know – we’re football coaches; we like to be on the turf. It’s been a while since we’ve been on the grass and we’ve got to make last season go away. We have to remember it, build on it, learn from it but we’ve got to get that taste out of our mouths. It’s a new beginning so to speak.

Q. Are there any individuals that you’re looking forward to seeing that we maybe didn’t see last year?

A. A lot of guys. (Receivers) Ellis Henderson and Taylor Walcott. Guys just developing, young guys like (QB) Brady Gustafson – we’ll see where he’s at, getting him some real reps this spring. There’s guys across the board. ... That’s the best thing about spring, seeing the young guys and where they’re at and getting them some meaningful reps.


Full Story: http://missoulian.com/sports/college/montana/football/catching-up-with-kefense-hynson-griz-co-oc-anxious-for/article_be7e6674-8e8e-11e2-af6f-0019bb2963f4.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

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