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Griz offense is the worst Griz offense I've ever seen

Greenacres Griz

Well-known member
Our offense looks horrible. The play calling is attrocious & the lack of talent on offense is obvious. Our best chance to score is when the defense or special teams is on the field. I'll bet if you combine the defensive & special teams scoring it is pretty close to what the offense has put up this year. Not to mention the number of times the defense or special teams has set up the offense only to walk away with 0-3 points.
Let me be the first true griz fan to request GREENACRES to relinquish any ties to the University of Montana. The glass is truely half empty with you.
0X You remind me of a Chicago Bears fan! Everything that comes out of your mouth is so negative.
Good thing our athletes and coaches don't have your attitude. I feel sorry for you! :cry:
Besides quarterbackk, what offensive talent did we los from last year? No superstars. I think you should think a little bit more before you post things, but I guess if what they say is true, you are just a Cat trying to stir things up.
Greenacres is not a Bobcat, I know this for sure, but I also know that he is a fairweather fan with Chicago roots. Poor guy had to deal with all those losing seasons with the Bears and Cubs and now his poor mentality is spilling over to our Griz forum. Good job on the win GRIZ, our team will come around with some much needed rest this week.
Hey, didn't the Bulls win the NBA Championship about 6 times in 8 years? That's something to cheer about.
So sad, we haven't won the big one in two whole years. Haven't we suffered long enough?