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Griz Game Viewing in Portland Area!


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I'm going to take the risk of reposting this here, as I originally posted it under a different topic that had a multiple question asked.

Anyway, if you're a Griz fan in the Portland area, come on out to the Best Bet in Beaverton and join the crowd.

We have a pretty good, vocal and rabid crowd going there (on Cedar Hills Blvd., between the Beaverton Mall and Westgate Theatre). Last week we had about 15 Griz fans, and we're always looking for more. It's a decent place, with some smoke but not a lot (separate room from main bar) and is open to kids. They have decent food, too. C'mon out for the Idaho game!

Just take the Cedar Hills Blvd exit off Highway 26 (one after the Murray Blvd exit), turn right (if coming from Astoria) or left (if coming from Portland) [now heading south], and stay with it till around a block past the McDonalds, which is just south of the Beaverton Mall. Best Bet is on the left. If you see the Westgate Theatre, you've come about a block too far.

See you there, I hope!

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