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Griz fans in Las Vegas


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Just want to let all you Griz fans out there know that if you plan on taking a trip to Las Vegas during the football season, that there is a Montana alumni bar called "Torrey Pines Pub" that broadcast all the Grizzly games. Its on the corner of Torrey Pines and Lake Mead Blvd. There is always a pretty good turn out, so get there early for a good seat! Go GRIZ!! :)
Anyone coming to Phoenix can watch the games at Dukes bar on the SE corner of Miller and McDowell. The owner is from Butte and is usually trashed by noon. His name is Al, short for Al-coholic. Seriously, Al is a great fan and will always have the Griz on big screen...even when he is shi?"y.
Likewise, a couple of spots around the Lone Star state- In Dallas go to The Fox and the Hound, 18918 Midway Rd., Dallas, TX 75287.

In Houston it's Bubba's Sports Bar & Grill 6225 Washington Avenue, Houston TX 77007.

I am looking around for a location in North Texas, probably in Lubbock where Texas Tech is and they have the most sports bars, but if not there then for sure in Dallas November 23rd. :D
Anyone know of a good spot on the isle of Maui? Gonna be there for Cat/Griz and see no official sat. parties on the islands though with the Montana connections over there I am guessing there must be SOMEWHERE I can get my fix! Thanks in advance!
I think that the game is on Fox Sports NW......that means that any bar that has Direct TV should be able to get that game. Although I would not feel too sorry for you if you didn't get to watch it while in MAUI! :lol:
On Maui there is a bar on Lahainia (sp) called Moose McGillicuddy's, it is at 844 Front Street. The owner is from Montana and when we all went last year it was the official Griz hangout. I am sure if you contacted them they would be more than happy to try and get the game on for you. Here is their phone and email address.

(808) 667-7758
[email protected]

Hope you enjoy the sun in Maui but even though that sounds great I would much rather be freezing my butt off at Washington/Grizzly!!
Hey thanks I knew someone would have the good scoop - I knew some folks on that Maui trip and totally forgot about it until today that the bar owner showed up in Missoula for Homecoming the following year to say thanks to the Griz for drinking all his beer!

Thanks folks!!

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