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Griz fan needs your help (fun) well my K9 does :)


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From one Griz fan to another and season ticket holder for 16 years, I'm here begging for a little help. I don't post much anymore but I'm always here reading.

My dog Sundance (who is a Griz fan too!) needs some votes. I entered him into a Mutt Madness contest and he's made it to the Final Four but he's lagging a bit behind another dog. He's a 3 year old Mini Australian Shepherd. The contest ends Sunday night at 10:00 pm, so we still have time to catch up.

Any votes would be appreciated! The contest is run on Facebook. You only need click on the link and type in "Sundance" and that is considered a vote for my bud.

Thanks for anyone taking the time to help us out! If your inclined, share the link and ask your buds to vote for Sundance.

Go Griz!