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Griz Beat Lewis-Clark State


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http://www.gogriz.com/sports/m-baskbl/recaps/110613aab.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; The Griz really played poorly in the second half. Their inside game was MIA and they got clobbered on the boards by their smaller opponents. They sure shouldn't suffer from overconfidence when heading into the Minnesota game.
Kemp seemed to play very "tight" out there. Almost like he was a bit nervous and trying to force something on the one shot he took (trying to post up).

The Griz had serious rebounding problems all game especially in the post. We got very little production on the boards from our 4s and 5s. Weisner led all our posts with 5 rebounds. Hutch had 3 rebounds. Two of them came late in the 2nd half I think.

Have a feeling they are going to be doing a lot of drills in upcoming practices working on boxing out and getting boards. L&C State got way too many offensive rebounds (15) and you could tell Tinkle was incredibly frustrated by that.

For anyone who hasn't seen the Griz play yet this year, Dunn is going to remind you a LOT of Cherry when you do see them play. Very confident for a true freshman too which is great to see!

Just noticed from the box score that former Griz Deldre Carr was one of the officials. I thought that guy looked a lot like him! :)
That was not the game I thought I would see tonight. We did not look good at all. Gregory played good and Jamar and Deshields were solid, other than that it is hard to find anybody that played well.
I thought Mario Dunn looked better and more comfortable during his minutes. The post play is a real worry though. :(
Rebounding is going to be a serious problem all year. Gregory and Jamar are going to be asked to do a lot to neutralize opponents rebounding advantage at the 4 and 5 spots. Kemp didn't get a lot of minutes (would have liked to have seen him get a few more of Hutch's minutes) but hopefully he can step up and give us the rebounding we need inside.

Dunn and Gfeller both made plays and looked confident out there. Their play seemed to show that they can be counted on to consistently give the Griz quality minutes during the season.
Due to internet problems, I could not watch the game live online. I just finished watching it on gogriz.com. Great start with incredible perimeter shooting from 3 in the 1st half. Jamar, Gregory, and Gfeller, all looked very good from 3. Ball movement was very good also in the 1st half. The only plus guys on the boards were Jamar, Gregory, and Weisner. Rest the team looked really bad on the boards.

In the 2nd half, the team became disinterested and flat. I can tell they are ready to play some real competition. Mentally they are tired of playing one another and weak teams. Uncharacteristically the GRIZ were out of sync defensively most the game. From what I saw, and could hear on the computer, I could tell Wayne was disappointed and upset with some defensive breakdowns, and lack of focus in the 2nd half.

This coaching staff has a tough decision before playing Minnesota and South Dakota State. The team needs a lot of work on physical rebounding. Problem is, I am not so sure how wise that would be before a long road trip against 2 very good teams. It could even be detrimental for the road trip.

My guess is, the GRIZ will rely on spreading teams out, pushing the tempo, isolations, and using Jamar every way possible offensively until the bigs find their games. I am surprised at Kemp's inconsistent play so far. Then again, that is a common issue for JC transfers. Most Jc's take 1/2 a season to adjust. I was proud of Hutchison, after busting his ass to get good post position and not seeing the ball, he chewed some ass. It caught the young player's attention too. The next few times down the court they looked for him. 2 passes were not done well. The one time he did get the ball he scored on a pretty smooth pump fake and went up strong. He actually showed some good coordination, and showed a soft touch on it. As little as it was, it gave me some hope for him. He does get good post position, and they need to look for him. I was disappointed to not see more of Martin. I wonder why he's not seeing more time? I wonder if Wayne is trying to show him some tough love. Wayne got upset at him for not rolling to the basket on his picks.

I did like the defense, decision making, and shot selection from Deshields and Dunn at PG. Gfeller gives the team a lot of offensive punch off the bench. He was out of position on defensive rotations quite a bit though. I am pretty sure Wayne noticed that, and will be pretty hard on him for it. Dunn made solid decisions, but struggled to execute those passes. He seen the plays well though. With experience, he will be executing the passes properly.

I am concerned about the post play going into the season. Then again, this has been the case since Qvale departed. The GRIZ have improved as the season wore on. I have complete faith, this team will have it figured out again as the season progresses. Cannot wait for the season to officially tip off. GO GRIZ!!!!!
Yes, I'm concerned with rebounding, as we all knew we would be.

No, I'm not concerned with a flat performance in game 2 after opening up a 20 point lead on a lower division team.

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Griz rule.....were they good passes in to Hutch? I went to Maroon/Silver scrimmage and it seemed our 5th year senior center had a tough time catching some pretty easy entry passes. Absolutely amazed me. Then of course the next challenge for him is to turn around with a 3 - 5 footer and not break the backboard.
Mousegriz said:
Griz rule.....were they good passes in to Hutch? I went to Maroon/Silver scrimmage and it seemed our 5th year senior center had a tough time catching some pretty easy entry passes. Absolutely amazed me. Then of course the next challenge for him is to turn around with a 3 - 5 footer and not break the backboard.
Hutch got some nice passes towards the end of the game. He really did not rebound though, nor did any of the other bigs. L-C state did a much better job of boxing out than the Griz bigs did. I was at the game and came away pretty worried about our rebounding problems.
Very lethargic, this competition and or overall performance not a good tune up for a very tough 4 game road trip

As noted in other posts our inside game is soft ....we may get by some conference rivals but good teams will take full advantage

Lets hope the guys up their game, would love to see us grab a game or two in the next two weeks
Thought this was interesting. The Griz struggled on the boards against Lewis-Clark State last year too, being outrebounded 37 to 32. This year it was 32 to 26. Definitely a worry, but we probably shouldn't read too much into exhibition games.

Hell... Weber, who most would probably consider a team with very good post players, was 42 to 42 on the boards in a struggle against Adams State in their exhibition game. They also got outscored in the paint, had less points off of turnovers, were bad from the FT line and struggled against the press.

This years Griz team will once again have to rely heavily on Jamar and the other smaller players to make up for the lack of production from our bigs on the boards especially early in the season. As was pointed out by others, JC players usually start to come around and show what they really can do right around conference season time. Even the great AJ didn't wow right away when he first came here (didn't even start). He started showing what he could do around the 5th game, and began starting the 10th game of the season. Hopefully Kemp will develop into an inside weapon for us by conference time and be able to give us some much needed rebounding from our posts.

I'm confident Tinkle will have this team where they need to be by conference time.