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Greenacres Griz

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With the talent & support we have for the Griz I'll bet we could beat the University of Miami if we played them at home.

Wow now wasn't that a positive post. Can I join your club now?
Wow! Mommy and Daddy not give you enough attention while you were growing up? You have a serious malfunction and I feel that this should be your one way ticket to "Banned Land."
You don't have a clue what the spirt of this board is about so why not just leave and not come back.
Miami's doing pretty well for themselves. You're welcome to join their club, smartass.
I have been following the Griz football program for 30+ yrs.

IMHO, I feel the Griz current team will fall short of expectations this year from most alumni expectations I note in messages posted on this board. I feel this is a transition period for the Griz program due to a change in coaching staff and other schools in the Big Sky conference upgrading their programs with addional student talent.

I wish the Griz team success during the remainder of 2003. However, the Griz team is not in the top 10 1-A school category yet. It is a viable 1-AA contender for national standing and a strong contender for the Big Sky conference title. Much will be observed and reported on the games played away from the U of M.

Griz, you have my full support. Best of luck!
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