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Griz 85, Orediggers 40


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In a kind of ho-hum game, Griz beat the Orediggers 85 to 40 behind Criswell's 18 points, 8 rebounds and Davis's 14 points and 7 rebounds.

Roy booker also scored in double figures with 11 points but also turned the ball over 5 times while only getting 2 assists.

Mansell started the game today and played well at point getting 8 assists.

Griz shot the ball 56.3%, 42.1% from 3 point line, and only 62.5% from the free throw line which I consider poor. Griz need to improve shooting at free throw line by about 10% at the minimum.

Turnovers weren't bad, but it just happened to be that most were in the second half. 6 TO's in first, 9 in second. Most of the second half could be due to score so huge that players have lost a bit of concentration. This is kind of the reason I do not like Griz playing these games in the first place.

Games are going to get tougher this weekend.

Griz will be playing S. E. Missouri State first this friday. Will play the winner/loser of UC Santa Barbara vs. St. Mary's game on saturday not to long after the Griz football team beat WIU (I hope).
The Griz did what they needed to do. I'm disappointed Jordan Noblitt didn't suit up for the Diggers. I don't know if anyone heard, but he went to my high school.

I thought the Griz would play UCSB on Saturday in the first game. Did they switch the tournament pairings for sure?
It was like watching a high school team play a college team. Not that exciting. Good to see every griz player score some points though. Hopefully this will build some confidence even if it was against Tech.
TrueGriz said:

Griz will be playing S. E. Missouri State first this friday. Will play the winner/loser of UC Santa Barbara vs. St. Mary's game on saturday not to long after the Griz football team beat WIU (I hope).

Please excuse the error of my ways.

I keep thinking the 29th and 30th of November is friday and saturday, but is in fact Saturday and Sunday, respectively. So Griz will be playing S. E. Missouri State Saturday, and the winner/loser of the UC Santa Barbara vs St. Mary's game on Sunday. At least according to the schedule on www.montanagrizzlies.com.
It looked like most of the Griz players were tired - I know when you win by 45 and score 85 that statement doesn't make sense, but that was what it looked like to me. Tech routinely beat us down the floor until late in the 2nd 1/2, and in the first 1/2 we sort of slapped at rebounds instead of going up to rip them down.

A few thoughts:
1) I thought Dloughy really hustled, and was impressed by him. He might be a good spark coming off the bench.
2) Cummings is really trying to be a leader on the floor - directing other players, especially on defense, but he seems frustrated, like the team is not on the same page. Did anyone else sense this?
3) Booker is a high energy player that is exciting to watch, but we need to get the rest of the lineup in there with him to match. If he is running the offense and pushing the ball up court the rest of the team can't jog up the court.
4) We need to figure out how to defend without fouling. We were the bigger, stronger team, but they were in the bonus.
5) What was with the carrying calls on Criswell? I think that one ref had it in for him for some reason (hate to complain about the refs in a game like this, but come on, you see way worse everytime down the court, but to only call it against Criswell?)
6) after struggling in the first 1/2, Seyfort came on pretty strong in the 2nd. If he can play like the 2nd 1/2 all game he will be a force to reckon with.
7) Even with the 45 point win it seemed like we should have dominated more. However, in the context that last years game when they played us close until the end this should be a good sign of how much we have improved.
8) Tech showed a lot of guts and heart - they really hustled and, with the exception of their horid FT shooting, should be proud of their effort.

Those are my thoughts.
From San Diego it appeared in the web articles I read that the Grizz played a high school caliber level team. However, it is a win.

Some of the upcoming road games should really test us and we will know where we stand against equivalent caliber teams.
Tech is one of the worst teams in the Frontier Conference. They need to play teams like Carroll, Lewis & Clark, etc for a test. Although, this Tech team is supposed to be better than the one the lost to the Griz by 14 last year. That could be a good sign of improvement.
Tech beat us down the floor a lot because they're a very small team...small teams usually do that.

Brent is really trying to take a leadership role, but he's not very vocal (on or off the court). The team is slowly starting to get on the same page. The biggest problem is that most of these guys haven't played together before so it might take a little bit.