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Griz #12, bobcraps #13


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Griz even with a terrible let down against a good NDSU DII team are still considered by those in the know to rank higher than the bobcraps. Griz #12 vs bobcraps #13!!!! Go Griz!!! ..... Oh, and the bobcraps still suck!!
Ha, you honestly think that everyone who votes on that poll is truly "in the know" about Big Sky Conference football?

The poll is about right with MSU and UM ranked together right now... Griz road win over Maine was better than MSU's home win over GW, while Griz loss to NDSU was worse than MSU's to Wyo. Reputation still has to count for something, as we still have a very small sample size to judge the teams on.

Go on believing that the Bobcats still suck and we'll see you on Nov 22!
Most Griz fans know the Cats don't suck. They are very solid and will go as far as their defense can carry them. The offense still has plenty of holes though, as does ours. I'm convinced the battle on the 22nd will be for the title. We will see you then.
now that is what I call a good post loyalgriz. I have to admit, I would love to see UM and MSU number 1 and 2. Of course the Griz at Number 1, but I would rather see the Montana boys (both teams) on top.