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Great new Home page!!!!!


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Hope that you have the time to update the link pages, cuz the new look is top notch! Good work Egriz!!!!!

ANd JAH and GGG had a big hand in it too.....good work!
Hey Chris I noticed what look like a Video GAme picture and how did you get it to look just the the griz I have tryed and Tryed and it has never works.The never Ideas are awesome I love everything about it!
It does look "spiffy" doesn't it.

JahGriz needs credit for the graphics work. I know that he created the Griz in a Madden PC Game (lots and lots of hard work) and then captured some screen shots.

I took his graphics and 'cut em up' and made the design for the pages.

I think the rest of the pages will soon follow as time allows for Chris to update, etc.

This project was done mostly to keep people coming, and to attract advertisers to eGriz.com. As most of you know, eGriz is run and paid for soley out of Chris's own pocket. He's looking to attract advertisers so that the site can stay alive and remain what it is... the Best Damn Grizzly Football Fan Site in the World!

Everyone enjoy, as new and exciting interactive content may be coming down the pipe for the new 2003 season.


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