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Great Grizmas...


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Wow, you'd think that the Griz won the National Championship based on the presents I got for 'Grizmas'.

I got a new Golf Bag, with UM logo's, colors, etc. Very cool
A very cool Grizzly Pillow for our couch
A very cool Griz Jacket with a zip in liner
A very cool Griz Helmet you put chips/dip in to serve at parties.

My family loves me, and knows of my love for the Griz... couldn't have been any better. I feel blessed. :angel:
Glad to hear you had a great Grizmas GGG, hope you and yours have a Happy New Year.

I got what I wanted for Grizmas too...and that was an Avatar under my screen name. Life is good!
I didn't get any griz garb. That was a bummer. Then again I get Griz stuff all year long. I did get some Saints National Champ stuff from my uncle who used to coach there and still lives in Helena. Good to know at least one National Champ was brought to MT. Next year the Griz will be the ones (hopefully the Saints or Western or Tech too) bringing home the Grizmas Title.
Not to self - get next years wish list out to Santa early.
I got a sweet, stainless steel hip flask with a maroon cover, my wife is great she thinks of everything. Now I really can't wait for football season to start next fall.

:drinking: :drinking: :drinking: :drinking:
Sadly, I too got nothing Griz related.... But I was kidding myself if I expected anything different given that the expression on the face of a sports store owner would be :eek: if I walked in and asked for a UM Grizzlies product.

However, I'm always up for being my own Santa, so how much are Griz jerseys and/or jackets these days? I think I'll have to rethink my phobia of buying stuff on-line and order something through the UM website.

Cheers, 8)

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