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Great Falls Tribune


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I wonder how many of the folks on this board are from east of the mountains and are forced to read the Great Falls Tribune sports page. The constant drivel spewed by Scott Mansch "lulaygizing" the damn Bobcraps is driving me nuts. The "Big Sky Champs" and loser Bobcraps got twice the press coverage as the winning Griz in this Sundays paper. Even Mansch has started called the "Craps" "Defending Big Sky Champs". If this was unusual I'd shut up and go away but, it isn't, and it's constant.......and It pisses me off. Thanks for letting me vent my frustrations!!!!!

GO GRIZ!!!!!!!!
I agree with you that the Tribune is not a very good paper, but not just for the reasons you mention. They put in the bare minimum of sports (as well as nationa news). We're lucky if we get more than 3 pages of sports each day.

Unfortunately, the Tribune is all that we've got. So each morning I read the on-line newspapers (sports) of the Billings Gazette, Helen IR, and Missouian. Usually I find out more "inside info" by reading those papers than I do with the Tribune.

(Great Falls)
I remember a few years ago when everytime the kitties would schedule and then sometimes beat some class C girls highschool golf team in an early season game that we would hear crowing about how great the kitties were. It was just like a proud parent calling the grandparents and everyone one they know when little junior has his first solid poop.
The Bozeman Comicle devoted all of 7 inches of column at the bottom of the second to the last page to the Griz. Less for the other Big Sky teams. One time last year, they completely forgot to mention that other Big Sky teams had games.
The Great Falls Tribune has one writer, George Geise, that covers the Griz, and one writer, Scott Mansch, that covers the Bobs. They never switch. The GF Trib is still pretty consistent with original articles about the Griz and better than any paper other than the Missoulian. Last year the second best paper to the Missoulian was the Billings Gazette. Since Edwards is gone, they've become much more of a Bobs paper. Neighbor has even done some articles that have almost been anti-Griz. The Independent Record and Montana Standard are real spotty. Daily Interlake has little. The Kaimin is a good source of articles once it starts publishing this week, and they are often insider-type and sometimes rather humorous. The Griz are covered pretty well compared to what other I-AA teams get.
oGriz thank you for clarifying the situation with the Tribune sports department. You are exactly right about Scott Mansch covering the Cats and Giese the Griz. I think they do an excellent job of covering college football teams which are outside their primary coverage area--often the best source of info on the Cats and Griz outside of the local rags.
I can tell you that as a resident of Helena the football coverage here sucks. Often times the only coverage of the Griz is an abridged Kasper column from their sister Lee newspaper publication. I also like to know what is going on with the Cats--who's up,who's down , and what Kramer is blathering about--and Scott Mansch and the Trib are an excellent source.
grizfromhel: General coverage may not be great, but what you do get from the Indy Record and MT Standard (and sometimes Daily Interlake) are occasional articles that cover individual Griz who played HS ball in those communities (or articles that highlight the play of those players - that goes for GF Trib and the BG too). Those are rare articles, but nice additions. Sometimes when I'm gathering articles for my daily email note to eGriz and others, the IR, MS, or Billings Gazette may post a Kasper article before the Missoulian (especially after daily savings time), so I'm happy to see them there. I work pretty early in the morning during the week. I sometimes pick up other Montana team information when those teams are doing well, like Carroll College. Saw this morning that former star Casey Fitzsimmons made the roster of the Detroit Lions. And the IR had the only summary this morning of Big Sky games.
OGRIZ- I've noticed Neighbor has always been anti-Griz. He's like the reverse-me since he seems to hate all the teams I like. Not to mention, I went to Billings Senior and he just LOVES West so being a Cat fan pretty much tops it off.
George may cover the Griz, but he is definitely a Cat fan. There is a definite bias toward the Cats in the Trib. Many times during the football season, I wished I subcribed to the Missoulian. I should check out the e-version of that paper. Griz forever!
reclaverjr said:
George may cover the Griz, but he is definitely a Cat fan. There is a definite bias toward the Cats in the Trib. Many times during the football season, I wished I subcribed to the Missoulian. I should check out the e-version of that paper. Griz forever!

Every Griz article makes the online Missoulian.

Why do you guys even bother with the paper... all the important info is right here on Egriz long before the paper publishes the stories... PS this is a unpaid advertisement for eGriz :D ha ha
It doesn't get any better the farther away you get. Saturday night I was in Fort Worth without my computer and I watched the little banner on the tv screen on ESPN and CNN2 for over an hour with no results. The following morning I bought a copy of the Dallas Morning news and their 1-AA coverage consisted of scores from about a half dozen games from the south.

I stayed planted in front of the screen until the score came by on one of the two channels. After rolling through the 1-A scores until I had them all memorized, finally I noticed some 1-AA, DII and DIII schools and then finally the Montana score flashed up. It was worth the wait.

If you think MSU is a cow college, you should hear the radio broadcasts for Texas A&M. The Griz radio broadcasts are as good as any I've heard.
you know that Fritz Neighbor is a UM alum don't you? I wouldn't exactly say that he is a huge bobcat supporter.
reclaverjr: I've never seen giese write a pro,feel good cat article. he is griz all the way. mansch articles are mainly about the cats and every now and then writes something about the griz. the tribune is the best paper in the state for all around sports coverage.imho
I believe Mansch is the Bobcat's Sports Info Director's bro-in-law. He has a definite Cat bias. But the poster that said Geise has a Bobcat bias is mistaken. I'm sure Cat fans believe he has a Griz bias, but I find him to be even-handed.

I'm sure the reason the Cats got more ink in the Tribune Sunday was their game was close enough for Mansch to cover in person. The Griz article was AP.
George Geise may be mostly even handed in is articles about the Griz, but have you ever seen his Christmas time wish list columns ... one of his wishes is for a Bobcat national championship.
I believe Geise explained that his wish for a Bobcat National Championship was for the sake of livening up the Cat/Griz rivalry in a way such that both teams are competing for a N.C. every year, not because he is such a huge Cat fan. Fortunately, he may have his wish come true sooner than he thought.
BozoneCat said:
Fortunately, he may have his wish come true sooner than he thought.

What was he thinking was the timescale for this wish? Geologic time?

We're all gonna have to start living right if we expect to see such things in our lifetimes.

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