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Great board


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What a great board. I have been reading for quite some time but I just now decided to get into the game. I live in Great Falls and have season tickets in the SEZ. Does anyone know the best way to get better season tickets or get moved to the expansion. Thanks to all of you that have great info. (Coach Kelly gets my vote) and insight into the Griz. :D
Yeah....you just need to send in $75 dollars per seat as a down payment by Dec. 20th. For more info go to the www.montanagrizzlies.com and click on the Stadium Expansion link on the right. Good luck.
Thanks, I knew that. I guess you just cancel seats in the other section. I just wondered if there was a way that they were making the exchange. Thanks for the reply.
No...you don't cancel your current seats...you just send in the $75 and wait...they will contact you when it's time to make the choice between your current seats or the new ones.

The Money is fully refundable....no question asked. Or it can just be aplied to your current seats when the time comes.

Evenone should put some money down. Hell, you can just ask for a refund next summer if you don't even want season tickets. It is really just some money that the school can show the "board of retards" so that they will be more likely to grant the project.

We should all put money in so that the project goes through....then after it is complete.....do what ever you want with your money....We just need some more seats in the Stadium.