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Great Blurb on Sportsnetwork.com


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Great Blurb today about the 'undefeated Griz'. Read all about it...

Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) -- One-hundred-and-twenty-three I-AA schools. Three undefeated survivors. More specifically, three undefeated survivors with just about nothing in common.

First, you have the No. 1 Montana Grizzlies. The large state school (enrollment 12,668) and its football team with the 20-game winning streak, pair of national titles, and rabid following throughout its home state. The one that will likely play in gorgeous Washington-Grizzly Stadium well into December, with just about all of its nearly 20,000 seats occupied despite possible Siberian conditions. The team formerly known for its passing prowess, before otherworldly head coach Joe Glenn (34-3 in three years) took over and morphed it into a defensive-minded, run-often unit.

Full article is here...