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Grand Valley runs a spread offense


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Grand Valley runs a no huddle spread offense with 4 receivers. Hardly an option attack. QB is in the shotgun alot.

They are on ESPN right now.
Anes has got to have over a hundred yards passing and a 54 TD pass in the first quarter. They just kicked a field goal.

Grand Valley State 17
Valdosta State 3

Start of the second quarter.

By the way, the TD pass was from a spread formation 5 wide receivers. Took me back in time.
That 54 yarder was a screen pass.
GVSU throws a lot of screens.

If you like screen passes, you will get it with this guy. There has been some down field passes so don't think that is all there is. But with Ochs rifle arm, would be nice to get a guy that likes to throw it down field more.

But if Kelly is Hogan's choice, I will not complain.
He threw a 44 yard sideline pass earlier. Receiver got tackled on the 8 yard line. Of about 15-16 pass attempts there has been about 5 screens. They have worked well so I assume there was something the coach saw in the Defense of this Valdosta team. They might not normally throw that many. Has looked very similar to Griz formations of old.

Anes has got around 200 yards passing in the first half.
It seems like GVSU runs a pretty spread offense. I have to tell Coach Kelly if he thinks his receiver corps is good, wait till he gets a load of us!
Great offense against a very good defensive team. But I was REALLY impressed with their defensive play calling. If Kelly could come here with that defensive coordinator and a few other coaches it would be great!!
Ronnie, were right. GVSU is pass oriented, and shotgun oriented, and screen oriented.
When i first saw the 3 wrs i was pretty excited.
Then as the game wore on i tallied only 3 pass plays where the ball was thrown more than 15 yards downfield.
10 plays were screens. and nearly every pass was to the same guy, save but a few.
Run plays were wrap-style. Not known for being the kind that works well if trying to grind it in on the goal-line or to use clock.
And the thing is...it never changed. We need to keep in mind that we were watching division II ball, and a GVSU team with clearly better players. In the BSC they seem to read the screen way better. and any DC worth his salt in any 1-aa program would love to face a one-dimensional team, such as Sam Houstan State.
I was really hoping to see some different formations. The qb did comeup under center, once, maybe twice, but only to throw a lateral.
Here some observations i noticed about play calling,
3rd and 3: Draw from SG, no gain.
3rd and 11: screen to the short side of the field, short gain.
3rd and 8 draw, lost yards
3rd and 29, reverse for about 10 yards
1st and 10, up by 8 with 3 minutes from the 2 or 3 yard line, Shot gun-long pass to Kircus, inc, takes relatively no time from the clock. Next play, another SG play: fumbled in the endzone TD for the other team.
The announcer even said "thats really questionable play calling by Kelly."
I'm sure some will see this as bashing. But I'm just stating what i saw.
If Kelly gets the job then great, but we'd better be ready for some growin pains. Also throwing 5 yard passes nearly every time is a waste of talent for Ochs and Disney,and the rbs we have don't seem geared toward the style of "running game" that Kelly uses.
I make no bones that i like passing, but i also really like being able to run the ball with some degree of power, and with multiple formations. I do like, on occasion 2wr/te, 3wr, 4 wr, proform, etc. With the players we have an offense like the one we used with Cole would work best. an offense with a different philospophy might work too though.
Hey, Grizmania, Grand Valley State just won the National Championship!! :eek: They weren't playing to showcase their qb's arm. They detected weaknesses in Valdosta State's defense and took advantage of them. Long passes when they weren't needed would have seriously jeopardized winning the game. I was impressed with their game plan AND execution against a very good defensive team.

He's running around beating down Kelly again. Kelly isn't perfect, but hey 27-1 in two years. 14-0 this year, National Championship. Led the country in offense for two years running, and his 2001 team was the first college team at any level to average 600 YPG since 1948. GO FIGURE!

Wow! He found 5 bad plays they ran. I'll wager there was more. But you can't always blame the coach. I saw Anes change up a lot of plays at the line of scrimmage. But Kelly couldn't call a perfect game. That would be like pitching a no-hitter. It's rare.

Some people would nit-pick the way Jesus acted if they met him. You just can't please some.

By the way anyone else want to complain about 23-36, 361 Yards, 3TD's
And 11 catches by Kircus, 12 to other receivers. GrizMania must have been watching the McNeese game, he apparantly didn't watch the Grand Valley Game because he's speading half-truths and lies. Yeah I bet they threw ten screens or was it twelve and gained about 250 yards and three TD's with them, not good enough for you GrizMania?? Hell I think it was genius!

GEEZ! I'll bet you were sitting there just rooting they would lose, GrizMania. Huh, were ya???
Ronnie ronnie ronnie, if it makes you feel better to make me a villian then fine, but if you think making those kinds of calls in that number in a NC game is good then you need to wake up.
If you want to think that only one coach is qualified to coach the griz then fine. you're entitled to your own opinion.
If you want to make claims about what ever feel free.
As i've stated before I'll support Kelly if/when he becomes head coach at UM. But i won't hold any unrealistic views of him. And i also realize that of the candidates listed that any of the 3 or 4 mentioned are likely to have similar results.
What the differences may or may not be is what kind of shape the new coach will leave the team when he moves on to a 1-a job.
And that will depend greatly upon recruiting, and that, contrary to what most think, isnt based only on what school a coach recruits for.
Immediate impact, I agree. But I have argued that if a guy knows how to recognize talent in Michigan or Tenbucktwo and has the charisma to land it there. Then he can do it here too. Pflugrad knows the most immediate young men in the region that can help us, I give him the plus there. Kelly has 12 years experience as HC and a staff in place, I give him a plus there. Bob Cole ran the most successful offense the Griz ever ran, 46 points per game, I give him the plus there.

Another comment on recruiting. The ESPN announcers yesterday commented several times how the talent in that game was quality at any level including 1A. They were right, Kelly had some fantastic talent that he had recruited away from 4 1A schools in Michigan. That's the sign of a major league recruiter. All he'll need is the names and stat sheets and he'll be fine.

They are all three great candidates and we will be BLESSED to get any one of them.
Both Pflugrad and Cole are going to have a staff in place by time they are interviewed, if they are interviewed. Plus, again, you are making assumptions. Kelly's staff may all decide to stay. More of a question mark for kelly here.

Plus Kelly will have to hire an offensive coordinator, and some position coaches.

But I don't think that will be a problem with Kelly.

If you go by head coaching experience, have to favor Kelly, though Pflugrad was Griz's Assistant Head Coach when he left Montana.

Recruiting, have to go with Pflugrad. He may know more on what players to get for 1AA level, as Kelly recruited division II players. Plus, Pflugrad can jump right out of the gate and recruit. Kelly will be spending a little bit of time getting organized, and developing connections. He may have connections to Division II type players in Michigan, but now he would have to start looking at higher calibre players. He may have a problem with that at the start. Next year though he will most likely have that corrected.

Offensive Play calling, have to go with Bob Cole here.

So I just named strengths of all the coaches here.

Of the 3 players mentioned in this post, I would say Pflugrad and Kelly are the favorites.

But Hogan likely has somebody totally different and will surprise us with even a better coach. Hogan does seem to have built a lot of connections for finding coaches. Of course, it doesn't hurt just bumping into them in airports like he did with Kennedy. Well, actually, not sure it was an airport, but he did just happen to bump into him somewhere.
ronbo, i agree with you last post, and True's as well.
I think Kelly is a charismatic type, and that would help recruiting.
I think the fact he is a Hc already might have him ahead in Hogan's eyes, maybe.
However, having been around it so much Phlugrad, Hauk, and Cole, know what a Hc has to do.
I've not heard interviews with Kelly, hauk or cole, so i cant sayf or them, but Phlugrad is a good interviewer and good with PR. I think Kelly would be too, he likes to smile.

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