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Gotta' be a way!

Agent 00Pike

Well-known member
Just know that the computer wizards who operate this site should know a way to put the countdown clock on the Home page. Pleeeese! :-?
Good Idea....Jimus started one but that would be nice to see a Real Time countdown. Except I dont' think I'd get anything done because I just be sitting around staring at the clock all day and night waiting and waiting and waiting.

You have to refer to GGG's Smile...its only..., post from clear back on Feb 6, if you want to see a real time countdown clock. Kind of a pain in the a$$ to do all the backtracking.
I'm with ya baller. I frequently jump over to http://www.joynerweb.net/gfootball.asp to check. And find myself watching the clock tick away. Zones me out a bit, as I get lost feeling the roar of Washinton-Grizzly and knowing that it will only be louder this season. The damn anticipation is killing me. Picturing the whole O-line coming back, not to mention, the new QB core. RB's and recievers who have NOW actually ran and caught the football in a college game. And Defense that is alway there to take control of the game. Damn good to be a Griz.

See what I mean. Don't stare into the clock...it will pull you in to a deep rabbit hole that make the Matrix look like a dang cartoon.
Hey.....those two clocks don't match up!!!!!!

I hope GGG's is right.....it is about 5 hours less wait! :lol:
I put in my time to be noon. Didn't know the actual game time. What is the actual game time, in MST if anyone knows...

And I've talked to eGriz about if he wanted to move the clock to eGriz.com and have heard very little from him. Not sure where he is /what he's up to.

In the meantime, you know where to go...
Thought of another idea to throw out to the web-wizards that they might consider. What about starting another real time countdown clock till the next Griz vs Bobcat brawl. Yeh? Nay? After last year I can only imagine how many in Griz-ville are counting the days until payback day! :mad:

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