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Got our tickets!!


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Yesterday went home at lunch and there they were. They aren't the most attractive tickets though--they are 'color-coded' and some of them clash very badly. But hey who cares--they are in my hot little hand, in fact I had to bring them to work so a co-worker could see them. He is sitting in the new section and I knew he wouldn't be getting his for at least a few days!!
BTW--Does any one know how they decide who gets to be on a ticket--seniors I am thinking but no Dylan and isn't he a senior? And didn't Ciche get a medical red shirt last year so is he still listed as a senior? The ticket with Hauck shows definite Washington players in the background--they could have cut them out.
Did you notice on the schedule, they have included the playoff games date and time in bold home game pirint? You gotta like the confidence. I was surprised Dane Oliver and Brent Meyers are 2 of the featured players. Both are good players, but I felt there are others on the team that would have been more likely candidates. Other players that are also on tickes include Joel Robinson, Skinny, LV, & Snyder and as mentioned above a couple of Husky players.
We have always call Dane the 'Water Boy'. So the first comment was that the Water Boy made the tickets!
We were very surprised to see him also!
I'm guessing that the color-code is so the ticket takers can easily make sure by glancing that everyone has the right ticket upon entering the stadium. That way, no one can sneak into homecoming with an unused Sam Houston State ticket, and the like.

It's funny how on the one with Coach Bobby, the ticket makers sloppily stuck the word Griz over the U-Dub logo on his shirt.
Has anyone that is moving into the expansion, gotten their tickets yet? Got my tickets for my old seats yesterday. But, still waiting on the additional seats we got in the North end. Know approximately where they are (above the boom crew), but not exactly.

Feel like a kid again, waiting for Christmas!
Anyone in Polson not get their tickets yet. I thought for sure my old seats would be here today and my new ones later, but neither yet. Guess I am just ansey. Is that a word?
Got Mine on the NE 40 yesterday, My kids wanted to know where their are, so I called today and found out they will be right where they want to be, High? (Row 32) in the NEW NE Corner - WOW what a bunch of happy Griz Fans even though the have to sit next to their UM alum grampa and his Vandal Gal wife. THe kids love playin' UI as much as the rest of us. Endless teaseing follows.....

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