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Good Riddens Johny Montana!!!!

Greenacres Griz

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Hopefully, we can get a quarterback who can actually throw the ball now that Edwards is gone. And for all you idiots that want to say John Edwards has had a great record the last 2 years my response is that the Griz won games in spite of their quarterback. The only reason we won the national championship last year is because we had a running back that rushed for over 1800 yards and had combined yardage over 2000 yards. Yohance Humprhey is the second greatest offensive player to ever play for the Griz. Does anyone know why John Edwards started the last two years. I can give you 1.3 million reasons.
Hey retard I don't know if you noticed but Brandon through a brilliant 50 yard pass to the five yard line when our moronic coaching staff couldn't put together a 3 plays to get it in the endzone.
I don't blame the loss on any player or a coach. McNeese St. was the number 1 team in the country and they proved why.
Who do you, Greenacres, blame on the fourth and one touchdown given up by our D?
If you can't even spell a word correctly in your player-bashing title, maybe you ought to consider not posting the message.

Please remember that these are 18-23 year old kids playing out there, all for their pride and your entertainment. Also, before you libel both our coach and the parent of one of the players, maybe you'd do well to actually provide a smidgeon of proof of this huge lapse of character.

Just because you see black helicopters landing on your roof doesn't mean they are actually there. Proof of the kind of conspiracy you seem to think has existed for the last two years requires more than even a $1 million plus piece of circumstantial evidence. Where are the audio or video tapes, or written communication, proving Coach Glenn was bought off to play John? That's what I thought...you don't have any such thing.

I'm sick of all the JE bashers and JG slanderers. Not one of you have proven a thing, yet you continue to throw this crap around. It's gutless, and it's cheap.

Personally, I'd like to thank John Edwards for a very good career for the Griz. Was he Dave Dickenson? No. Did he himself repeatedly admit this? Yes. Did Brandon Neill come in and lead the Griz to victory, or even a touchdown, tonight? Uh, no. Why? For the same reason that JE had difficulty helping the Griz to score--McNeese has a very good, very fast defense.

The season is over. It was a great run for a very depleted squad. I'd like to thank all of you players and coaches for your efforts, and your heart.

What you meant, I believe, was "riddance". I hope we can say good riddance to the inflammatory, libelous posts, not to ANY of the guys who have given more for their team this year than you've probably ever given to anything in your life.
I can't believe you would slam a player like JE after all he has done for the Griz. I pray that GSU fans never become like this. ANY QB who wins a NC for the Eagles will never receive the type of treatment I've seen JE receive on this board. The $$$ thing is such an easy excuse. You should be ashamed.
Crunch...if I weren't so drunk I might have said it so eloquantly...or spelt as many words right as greenacres.
While i don't think JE was the best qb ever I can see no good by coming of slamming him after he's done. Seems poor form.
As for "the Griz started losing when JE went out", well, was he playing d?
I saw that tongue in cheek so, please dont take it as a dis.
REally, with the types of plays being called neither qb was given a chance to beat the blitz. Similar to the game where Boise beat the Griz in DDs jr year(i think he was a jr that year). the coaches new they were gonna blitz, heck Pokey Allen even said they were to Daves face, yet the game plan wasn't the ticket. kay say ra say ra.
by the way what does saying ra mean anyway? :lol:
I don't get it. When Edwards is in the game it is his fault we don't score, but somehow when Neil gets in and we don't score it is the Offensive Coordinator and not Neil's fault. How does that work? I think I must be a little confused. Neil played quite a bit the second half and we didn't score.
It's quite simple, GoGriz, the Griz scored 2 FGs with Neill. Perhaps you were mistaken by stating that the Griz didn't score with Neill.
One shoulda been a TD, but a qb draw was called vs perhaps the best and biggest d line in the nation.
(* the following an exert from a different board written by Green26)

The Griz had 17 drive opportunities. 11 were 3 and out. 2 were 4/5 and out (with 1 first down). 2 for TDs. 2 for field goals. Edwards had 12 drive opportunities. Neill had 5 drive opportunites (the 3rd, 9th, 13th, 14th and 15th). Every drive the first half was 3 and out, except for the two scores. Edwards had six 3 and outs in the first half, and two in the second half. Neill had three 3 and outs in the second half. Thus, Neill had two drives for the FGs and three 3 and outs. Except for the 4 scoring drives, other only two drives resulted in first downs, and they were 5 plays and 4 plays (last drive). These stats are astounding and worse than I had remembered.

So, Edwards with 12 drives leads to 2 scores.
Neill, with 5 drives scores 2 times.
To be fair it wouldn't have mattered who was in there.
The McNeese rush was nearly everyplay and the OC didn't give the
qb a chance to even get rid of the ball quickly.
Most of the plays were designed to go meidum or long with no "hot" receiver.
So anybody could see that in THIS game it wasn't Edwards fault and it wasn't Neill's fault. It was due to a tremendous rush from MSU and poor play calling by Billy. Obviously he didn't pay any attention to the MSU vs MSU game where Baily(Cats' OC) called many quick slants and they worked pretty well, but the Cats ran worse than we did and dropped key passes.
John Edwards finishes fourth for the Payton award and it still isn't good enough? I realize you have high expectations at Montana, but geez, I don't think you would be happy with Brett Farve himself playing QB for you guys.

Ochs is a good qb, and didn't realize he was transfering to Montana until I read it on here. If he plays like he did in CU, you all are in for a treat.

good luck next year.

-Fear the Eagles
Luck, good and bad, is part of football and Montana had extremely bad luck with injuries this season. That Montana was able to get as far as it did and come as close to winning Saturday night after what the Griz went through this season in that regard is nothing short of amazing.
Montana not being able to rotate players on the defense like it has been able to prior to all these injuries cost us the game. Not the QB's. Neither QB lost the game for us.

If we had those players that were injured early this year, our defense would have been fresh throughout the game and there would be no way McNeese St would have been running on us at any time of the game.

But do not lay blame where blame doesn't exist. I didn't think Neill look any worse than Edwards, but then Edwards didn't look any worse than Neill. Both are good QB's. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. But neither of them are to blame for the loss.
TrueGriz: I think you're right about the effect of losing so many D linemen. Add to that losing Vernon Smith, after which McNeese started hitting all those passes, and I think you have an even better recipe for disaster.
It is time to let the JE vs. BN controversy go. Both went out there and gave 100% for the team and for us. Let's appreciate that they were Griz, and enjoy what we have here.

I am not afraid to bitch and moan once in a while, but enough is enough. Even the GSU fans think we are nuts for complaining about what we have here.

By the way, Greenacres, they are putting 4000 new seats in Washington Grizzly Stadium next year. Don't buy one.
Nicely put grizpack...I just gave my $75.00 for one of the new North End Zone seats, and I hope I don't end up next to greenacres. I'm sure the "North End Zone Crazies" that are there now won't tolerate any of his/her's mindless dribble for very long. GO GRIZ!!!