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Kramer deserves to be COY

Montana State coach Mike Kramer has proven "the 1,000 day theory" to be true.

Before the season started, he said a college football coach is "either getting the job done or he ain't getting it done" after 1,000 days.

Kramer's getting it done in his third year as Bobcat boss.

He has brought the buzz back to MSU football, accomplishing a feat that hadn't been done since his former boss, Dave Arnold, did in 1985: He beat Montana. And by doing so, he's given Bobcat fans perma-grin.

Oh, Kramer's also won the school's first Big Sky championship since 1984 with a fast, powerful, opportunistic squad.

He deserves to be Big Sky coach of the year for picking his team out of the ditch in midseason and putting it into cruise control -- with true freshman quarterback Travis Lulay as the driver.

And now the road leads to the playoffs -- yes, the very same playoffs which I thought were unfeasible for this bunch after a 30-13 loss at Stephen F. Austin in September.

The Cardiac 'Cats have proven me and a lot of other people wrong. They put their fist down when nobody thought they had any punch left.

Little did we know.

While this season has been chock full of memorable plays -- Junior Adams' slant pattern for a long touchdown against the Griz; Adam Cordeiro's lumbering return of a lateral for a touchdown against Eastern Washington and Scott Turnquist's 73-yard scamper versus Portland State, I want to focus on one play that turned this season around for MSU and for Kramer -- The Sacramento Miracle.

Lulay's heave to Turnquist as time expired at the end of the Sacramento State game (a 31-30 MSU victory) on Nov. 2 gave this team something tangible to rally around. That he had the presence of mind to get that ball off in the grasp of a Hornet player is remarkable.

Lulay refused to let his team lose, and after Nate Cook's field goal, the winning attitude began to spread like wildfire.

And why should it stop now?

Should MSU be scared of playing No. 1 McNeese State?

Heck, the Bobcats just dominated the University of Montana at its home stadium, making Griz quarterback John Edwards, a Walter Payton Award Finalist, look like he had never played the position before.

What do the Bobcats have to be afraid of?


MSU's record may be the worst of all the playoff teams, but throw out the records at this time of year. They don't matter.

How passionately and effectively your team is playing does.

And for that, the bulk of the credit belongs to Mike Kramer, who after three years, is getting the job done.
Kramer? Sure he's entertaining and all, but giving him credit for turning the 'Cats around is like pinning a medal on a guy having run out of a burning house. That Kramer didn't put the new quarterback in sooner than he did is grounds for deeming him academically ineligible to be a Big Sky coach. When Kramer's team was at its nadir following the Central Washington debacle, what did he do? He seemed to question whether Ryan Johnson was faking an injury. It is virtually impossible to imagine Joe Glenn thinking that way, let alone uttering such a slur against one of his players to the press.

And as for the 'Cats allegedly making John Edwards "look like he hadn't played the position before", give me a break. Edwards was playing with a separated shoulder. I don't begrudge the 'Cats' celebrating their win over a Griz team that was decimated by injuries suffered in a season of victories across the nation, beating a 1-A team and refusing to play lower division teams like Central Washington. And I won't even suggest that if the Griz had rolled over and played dead in the way the 'Cats did through half this season that Montana would have had a fuller compliment of players last weekend and would have been a lot more rested. No, I refuse to say that. But I will say that Mike Kramer is the luckiest son of a blank in having a red-shirt freshman haul his ass out of the fire, and that it is ONLY by sheer dumb luck that he is sharing the Big Sky Coach of the Year title with someone as classy as Joe Glenn.