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Good Luck This Weekend


New member
Just wanted to wish the Griz good luck and it should be a dandy of a game Saturday! I'm cheering for Andy Thompson ( I coached him in high school) but obviously hope the Vandals win!

Eric Hisaw
Vandal QB 19945-95
You played QB a LONG time!!!

Thanks for the good luck wish. Maybe some day we will be back in the same conference again, like it should be (and not the Sun Belt).
I don't think there's anything wrong with the Sun Belt honestly! Travel is an issue, right now it's getting the kids to believe they CAN win and they are good enough to win! I'll tell you what, they should have beaten BSU, and they dropped a ball in the endzone that would've beaten EWU. Now I know, would'ves - should've don't get it done and obviously it's not. But...we are a much improved team from last year, especially on D.
Idaho does have a tough schedule this year, and still have the sack to come play in our home...unlike any other I-A teams, most will only schedule home games against 1-AA teams. Sure it is a traditional rivalry, but hats of to them coming to our house still. This will definately be a big test for the Griz...and the vandals for that matter.
Montana and Idaho really belong in the same conference, whatever that may be. I bet that if there was such thing as a stable western I-A conference that would allow the Griz to join, we'd be there lickity split. I personally don't want to see the Griz go I-A now, but I think the administration would be up for it if there were better options out there than the Sun Belt.