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Good Luck Griz.......


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It is the best day of the week once again.....SATURDAY!!! Good luck to the Griz and thier fans today. If I were wagering, my money would be on Montana. Does anyone know if your game is on the satellite? I would like to watch it since it does not conflict with North Dakota State's 6pm kick off.
Thanks WYOMINGBISONMAN! You can bet that the Griz WILL show up this time for 4 Quarters.

Don't have a clue if it's on satellite or not, but the kick off is at 1:05PM MST.

Good luck to NDSU, and if you guys played like you did last week, you'll do just fine.

KU Band AMC 2 Transponder 12

You have to have an older satellite set up. Like probably an older type bar that hasn't upgraded to direct tv. You can also catch it on line at www.mtgriz.com or KOFI 1180 AM broadcasts on line too in Kalispell. If none of those work I know Sam Houston is broadcasting on line too.

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