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GOOD GOD HE'S LOST IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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"He is right along the lines of the great quarterbacks in the history of this conference," Kramer said. "For him to achieve that status, he needs to understand that he can't have a bad day, a bad series, a bad practice. He needs to show the consistency that great quarterbacks display."

Somebody help me here!!!!!!!!!!
Kramer can talk all he wants, but I thought he only spoke this way about one of his players after blaming him for losing to a Division II team, and then changing his mind.
Oh, thats just Kramer....has he said anything intellegent in the past?

I thought this thread was going to be about GGG losing it.
I just love it when the loquacious Kramer speaks so highly of a young player. Reminds me of a time when he said something on the lines of the EWU program riding on the shoulders of Griffin Garske.

For those of you who might not remember the name, Garske was Kramer's QB at EWU for 3 years. Garske was told by Kramer after his Jr. year that he would never play another down at QB for EWU, as Kramer {quoting the Spokesman Review} was "enamored" with the recently signed JC transfer Fred Salanoa, who had apparently earned the starting QB role before ever showing up on campus .

Flash forward to the following season. Garske ultimately left the team (I believe the number 2 QB behind Garske left the team as well) and the much heralded Salanoa went down with a knee injury shortly into the season and EWU was left scrambling with an inexperienced QB for the rest of the season.

Makes you wonder if Mike has ever heard the phrase "what goes around, comes around"? If and when Kramers boy Opie puts up the numbers of a Dickenson, Freize, or Blanchard then he can be considered among the leagues best, until then he's just another player.
Sorry GGG, that was the first thing that came to my mind, too, when I read the thread subject. It must have been the "Good God" part.
I love pulling out the "strapped" GGG picture in times like this.


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