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Gonad boy signs one-year contract


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Gonad boy gets to play another season in the NFL, hardly seems fair. If you don't understand what I am talking about then you need to watch the 2001 semil-finals game again. I sure hope DeCoite gets to sign with an NFL team next year and gets to take redemption on the field. If you remember Soliday was kicked out of the game before DeCoite got his paybacks.


Soliday signs one-year contract

February 18, 2003

Wide receiver Jake Soliday, who caught four passes for 39 yards as a Cardinal rookie last year, has signed a one-year contract.

The 6?1, 195-pounder signed with Arizona last year as a free agent after an impressive career at Northern Iowa where he caught 147 passes for 1,980 yards and 18 touchdowns and returned 27 punts for a 13.1-yard average and two scores.

Last season, Soliday spent the first seven weeks on the Cards? practice squad, then was signed to the 53-man roster after several wide receivers suffered season-ending injuries. He played in four games, was inactive for two, and did not play in two others.
Cardinals? Is that one of those AFL teams? Just in case anyone dosent remember this loser here is the link. http://www.egriz.com/images/videos2001/punch.zip

Yep, thats some NFL material if iv'e ever seen any. :roll:

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