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God they throw alot of screens


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Grand Valley has thrown about 5 screen passes in the 1st half. If UM gets this Kelly guy to be head coach, I think it's no surprise what kind of offense we'll see. It'll be like a time warp back to 1995!!! Are we sure that Kelly is not related to Don Read????????????????????
That last touchdown there - 67 yards on a screen - looked like the good ole Grizzly screen to me! Puts GVSU up 24 - 6

Yikes that receiver looked fast on that play! :lol:
Yep, I agree, that was a little WR bubble screen and it looked real good, those down field blockers knew exactly what to do to spring their man for a long TD.
Will these screens work at Montana? That is the question. Greater athletic speed at the 1AA level can definitely stop some of those screens.

The running game, I have to question on how affective it will be also with the running backs we have. Again, until I see Turill Engleman I could change my mind. But I may change my view on Gober and Waller if we can get a running backs coach that can get them to hit the hole faster without all this dancing and prancing around and then get lost in the back field to many times. The Grand Valley running backs did hit the holes pretty quickly and timing of blocks were pretty good most of the time.

Read a post by someone on Grizzlyboards.com that pflugrad and Cole both are calling potential assistant coaches. Actually Cole calling potential assistant coaches was in Missoulian.

After watching game today, I could be happy with Kelly. I also do not think the quarterback in shotgun in all but one play is good. I get pretty uncomfortable when QB is standing in end zone. He should have been under center.

But still, I don't think I can make Kelly a favorite here.

I think pflugrad with his ties to Montana and his recruiting experience in the west is a little stronger, IMHO.
carefull TrueGriz, your post is accurate.
you are at risk as being considered a basher, by certain people.
On the other hand you worded your post much better than usually do.
You stated pretty much how i feel, but somehow i come off sounding like a bad guy even when i don't really mean to.

If i hated Kelly i'd say so.

Besides his DC looks like "Bull" from "nightcourt", he cant be all bad.