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Glen, staff hired


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Here is the best info I can find on JG taking his staff with him:

Glenn, staff hired by Wyoming
By: Gordon Terpe of MontanaGrizzlies.Com 12/12/2002
Posted: 12/12/2002
at 14:36:50

Former Montana coach Joe Glenn has been hired to be the head coach of the University of Wyoming football team. Wyoming introduced Glenn and his staff today at a press conference in Laramie, Wyo.

Glenn announced that former Montana assistants Mike Breske, Bill Cockhill, Chad Germer, and Chris Knutsen will join Glenn on the Cowboy staff. They will fill the same positions they held at Montana. Glenn indicated that more Montana assistants may also be joining Glenn's program in Wyoming.

Glenn leaves Montana, where he led the Grizzlies to two Division I-AA national championship games, winning one, in three playoff appearances, and a 39-6 record in his three year tenure. That .867 winning percentage is the best by a coach in the history of Montana football and the Big Sky Conference. Glenn takes over a Cowboy program that went 2-10 last season.

Glenn was the 33rd head coach at Montana, and is the 30th head coach at Wyoming.
grizfnz said:
Glenn stated in the press conference that the entire staff has committed.

That is bad.....

A whole new system takes time.....to put together and for the kids to learn. At least Ochs will be on the same page as everyone now.

Hogan has his work cut out for him!
Sorry to hear about the whole staff leaving too!! We were fortunate to keep both our OC and DC (our offenseive coordinator is now the head coach), but losing an entire staff must be difficult.

Any word on how soon a new coach will be hired . . . I would guess not having a coaching staff will desimate recruiting efforts until one is hired.

Once again, good luck and we'll see you in Nooga next year (after we take our trophy back this year)
Fortunately, this was our rebuilding year. We only had two and three seniors starting for most of the year. It looks as though we will only be signing eight total recruits. Several of those have already committed, but those commitments can easily be broken until signing day. Any other year and recruits would have been a larger issue.