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GGG, Nice Pants!!


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I was a bit disappointed by the lack of enthusiasm in your South end Zone!! Other than the bubbles and streamers after every score, you were all a bit quiet. It seemed like the croud finally got into the game towards the end of the 3rd quarter. Get em going GGG!!
Yes, I second the nice pants. But I just have one question, do you select one person to pound with confetti or is it just aimlessly scattered? The reason I ask this is because I saw one guy, about 4 or 5 rows in front of you get just pounded, he was picking confetti out of his hair and I think he had to strain his drink too. It was pretty funny... because it wasn't me.
I have noticed those pants too. And was that your dad with the bright orange coat? Obviously it is in the genes (or camos) to not get lost in a crowd!!
Boy... I must be standing out...

The pants are very cool indeed, thank you all. I have a special surprise for Griz/Cat game. Hint... lets see if you can see me at all!

I was pelting the guy in front of me because he was calling for Neil, lol.

And yes... my Dad was the one in the bright orange coat. Didn't really blend in to well did he?

You're all making me blush! *grin*
Well GGG I will let you off the hook this time for being a bit quiet since you were at the game with your father, but if you hadn't had that bottle up to your lips for half the game, you could have rallied the troops in the South end Zone!! I think you should just get an IV and then you can raise hell for 4 quarters, we are going to need you all come playoff time.
SG: Where abouts were you sitting last game that allowed you to have such a good view of GGG?
My father has season tickets about 5 rows up from the Griz tunnel
on the West side of the Stadium. Clearly close enough to see GGG and his great garb!!
Thats an awful big lap GGG! We might have to use you as our secret weapon if we lose both of our "tight ends" in the playoffs.
I think the lil' misses would be a bit worried if he were sitting on your lap ;-) Not to mention the two of you would be blocking my view.

Never did see you come back for some grub with your pops, I ain't kilt no one yet with it.
We went to another tailgate and one thing led to another... sorry we didn't come back by. It looked awesome.

Some people actually were whispering around in the crowd how annoying I can be... WTF?!

I guess if being pumped up and cheering my heart out for the Griz is annoying, Im GUILTY AS CHARGED!
I feel your pain. I sat in the south end for the N. Colorado game. (with my Little Griz team) I was actually asked to sit down and be quiet!!!!!! :eek: At least later in the game everyone joined me. I felt like a fish out of water. How can you not stand and yell???? But hey, this is not a north vs. south deal. As a whole we make plenty of noise. Can I get an amen? I love it when new people sit in our section and end up covering their ears. Oh yeah! You keep it up Jim. For every fan you annoy there are many more opposing players who are more than annoyed. Griz. You gotta love it.
I know Mrs. GGG, and I think she would be glad. Kind of like my wife. As long as I leave her alone . . .

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