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Game Get-up??


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Anyone plan on sporting any crazy outfits to the games this year? I know we talked about this after the Superbowl last year and there were some ideas floating around. We don't want to copy the Radier's "Black Hole", and wear holloween costumes every game, but I was curious if some one had invented anything.
Great idea! I was hoping Grizgirl would wear her french maid get up! Maybe we can all talk her into it? :eek:
As I said on another thread...for the Maine game, I'm wearing my "GrizzlyGirl Is For Me" T-Shirt. I chose that one over the "I Have Extra Disk Space, And A Truck" T-Shirt. Smart move on my part...sorry GrizRoc.
For those who visit the Random Isht board, I'll give ya all a sneak peak at what I've got in store for the games...


Now, let your imaginations run wild with that. And yes, its nice to have an artist for a brother... :wink:
n-zonecrayz said:
Jim, don't push so hard. You'll blow an o-ring!! :lol:
Artist rendering of me screaming for the Griz does look a lot like pushing out a big brown shark doesn't it.... ? :roll:
Yep screaming for the Griz looks alot like taking a bobcat. :wink:

So are you gonna have a dummy that looks like you sitting in the SEZ? Afterall they gave you free tickets.
Has anyone ever seen GrizzlyGirl? I haven't. Perhaps someone has a picture. Anyone?
She does look like a Griz fan. We're an attractive people, I'd say...some more than others.
I wasn't meaning to offend. :wavey: Just trying to be a little silly I suppose. There isn't a game this weekend and I'm already suffering from Griz withdrawl.

I was only guessing what you looked like by reading your posts and noticing that you may move to Butte or Missoula. Either one would be a fine choice.

Once I compiled all the data, I came up with this picture.

(I didn't realize it was going to be 50 feet tall though, so I scaled it down)

I have no crazy outfits for the sat. TV gatherings here in Tucson, but...

I have a "Montana Track & Field" t-shirt I like to wear to watch with the other UM alum... I get a lot of raised eyebrows and people wonder: "Where the hell do you get a t-shirt for track and field?"

Go Griz!

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