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Game Day Poem


Staff member
eGriz Club
here is my attempt at a poem

Game Day (the poem)

Missoula Montana
Home of the Griz
Hauck coaching football
yea, that is his biz

We show up at 11
hungover without fear
it's tailgate time
so hand me a beer

up in the sky
those crazy men fall
it's time for the best show in montana
a thing called Grizzly Football

Now we play weber
and I have a press pass
all those fine cheerleaders
I'll try not to harass

We have QB named Ochs
and and a QB named Disney
so let's stand up and cheer
is anyone with me

it's now half time
we lead by 3 touchdowns
the beer is all gone...
hence a crowd full of frowns

we raid the next tailgate
and found some drinks
what's going on with this game
weber really stinks

back to the game
for the second half
I walk up to GGG
whew, man, he needs a bath ( :lol: )

around the stadium I go
and up in the stands
it's pictures I take
of those rowdy Griz fans

it's the end of the game
we won by a ton
down to the field
to have some fun

the stadium we leave
to head downtown
the beer flows freely
so I drink like a hound

the night is still young
i'm almost passed out
but to the next bar
without a doubt

I'll see you all there
full of Griz pride
you can buy me a drink
and stand at by side

you can quiz me about football
but i'm not really a whiz
but I'll let you touch me
the famous eGriz

Thanks, Chris :silly:
I'll give it a shot.

There once was a man from Nantuckit

ah, it's been done. :wink:

Go Griz!!!
UPWIMT and egriz thowing down prose
nice to read, I don't even doze.
Someone wake up nzone,
he's not longer alone.