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Game 2...South Dakota State


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It appears there is no interest in tonight's game which could be a very revealing game that could define the season for UM. Apparently, there is no real coverage outside the area and it is hard to maintain support. But, UM, just off yet another embarrassing loss, can regroup and show just how good they can be against a SDS team that is 0-2 but opening their home season.
Go Griz...This win is needed.
Well, I'm interested & I'm going to watch & hope for a big "rebound," so to speak.

But, after going out on a limb for Monday's Minnesota game, and having that limb snap, I think I'll step back a bit to see how the Griz frontcourt responds.

I am encouraged by the heady play of freshmen Mario Dunn, Brandon Gfeller and Jack Lopez, which bodes well for Montana's depth as the season progresses.

But Monday's no-show by the Griz frontcourt was not what I expected... despite well circulated concerns by others. I still believe in the potential of Hutch, Weisner and Kemp, since I've seen several practices. Certainly they'll need a better outing tonight if the Griz hope to compete with a very physical South Dakota State squad.
SDS has a very big starting five. I hope our production from post players greatly improves over what happened against Minnesota. I would really like to see Kemp get a start and find out what he can do with significant minutes. At this point, it is hard to envision much improvement from Hutchison. Prior to the beginning of the season, Tinks said Kemp was matching up effectively against Breunig in practices. I really think he has the biggest potential upside of all of our true post players. I consider Weisner a wing who has been pressed into post duties.
From their coach's comments on GoJacks.com, they sound susceptible to pressure (albeit based off games against WCC teams). Maybe go small and play up-tempo?
DoubleNicks said:
Maybe go small and play up-tempo?

Why not? Kareem led the team in rebounding last season, and it looks like he might do it again in 2013-2014. I see little downside to playing small ball this year.
I'm guessing the starting lineup is going to be the same as the game against Minn. Tinkle in the PreGame show is talking about needing to do a better job getting the ball to our posts inside and not taking quick shots. He said to look for the Griz to really pound it inside tonight against South Dakota State.

South Dakota State has won 30 in a row at home. Longest home winning streak that's active (according to their forums anyway).

Haven't found any free video feeds yet (South Dakota State's site has a pay feed), but hopefully it'll pop up on FirstRowSports.eu soon.
6-2 South Dakota State leads. Dykstra (same guy who led them in scoring last year here) has all 6 points. 14:15 to go in the first half.

Another turnover inside (2nd one) it sounds like with trouble handling a pass...
Potomac Griz said:
6-2 South Dakota State leads. Dykstra (same guy who led them in scoring last year here) has all 6 points. 14:15 to go in the first half.

Another turnover inside (2nd one) it sounds like with trouble handling a pass...
Once again, UM fails to give a damn for its fan base. oh, well....
Dunn and Gfeller in now replacing Deshields and Weisner. Gregory with a layup, but SDSU scores on the other end 8-4 with 11:21 to go. Griz are only 2-10 shooting right now. Starting out REAL slow offensively. Luckily SDSU isn't lighting it up either, 4-13 shooting.
Kemp in now, not sure who he subbed in for.

Ack, Gregory injured on the court now (right ankle?). Hope it's not serious :(
Not going too well on the boards right now or inside. Dykstra has 8 points and 3 rebounds. Griz being outrebounded 16-9 right now.

Offensive foul on Martin (2nd foul). Griz shooting 2-12 and 0-8 from 3. SDSU up 14-5 with 8:17 to go in the first half.
Going from bad to worse. Gregory looks to have a high ankle sprain... Kareem misses a point blank layup. Huge foul disparity against Griz.
Glad it's not worse right now. SDSU is only shooting 5-20. Griz are 2-13. Shots have to start falling eventually. We've had games like this before where we couldn't throw it in the ocean early then got it together. 5 points in 12 1/2 minutes.
not much to keep anyone interested in this team so far. Can't see them, can't hear them, following stats only shows some pretty sad stats.....think I will sign off. Huge disappointment so far...