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Furman suspends WR West, TE Sudderth following arrests


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Furman suspends WR West, TE Sudderth following arrests

August 5, 2003
GREENVILLE, South Carolina (Ticker) - Furman suspended wide receiver Isaac West and tight end Willis Sudderth indefinitely Tuesday, five days after the preseason All-Southern Conference picks were arrested by campus police.

According to police reports, West and Sudderth were taken into custody and charged with grand larceny after removing a tent from a campus location. Sudderth, a 20-year-old junior, also was charged with possession of a controlled substance after police found a small quantity of marijuana in his vehicle.

Both players have applied for admission to Greenville County's pre-trial diversion program for non-violent first offenders.

"We're very disappointed in the events that took place last Thursday involving Isaac and Willis and the impact their behavior has had on our football program and the university community," coach Bobby Lamb said.

West, a 21-year-old junior, had 39 receptions for 708 yards and a team-leading seven touchdowns last season, despite missing three games with a fractured collarbone. Sudderth had eight receptions for 103 yards and a TD.

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