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Funny one liner from the Seattle PI


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27 Dec 2002

PORTLAND -- It's raining, and I'm whining. Three hours into the Go 2
Family's motorhome road trip to the Rose Bowl, I'm still distraught.

I can't understand why he will coach in the bowl game when he has already accepted a job to coach somewhere else.

I mean, what is Bobby Hauck thinking?

(That will be the last reference to anything Washington for the next week
because let's face it -- the Huskies are the warmup band, the Cougs are the headliners, and I am downright delirious if a bit impatient -- get those
Dawgs off my stage, now! Being the class act that I'm not, good luck to the U-Dub in the Sun Bowl. Just don't win by more than three.)

Now then, on to more important matters like the Rose Bowl, which features pomp, pageantry and the coach who bailed out.

Call Mike Price a traitor and a turncoat and even naïve for taking the
Alabama job. Then call him something else for coaching the Cougs in Pasadena when he's not our coach anymore.

Nonetheless, I have decided to embrace the lame Coug. (He can't be a lame duck because Mike Bellotti owns that title.)

In any other job, this is equivalent to Price giving his two weeks' notice
and continuing to work. (Hopefully, he won't be a short-timer on cruise
control because I would be. I don't want him to mail it in -- I want his
going-away party to be a Cougar Nation celebration.)

It really doesn't matter what alums like me think anyway -- if the players
want him to be there, that's what's most important. And my source tells me they do.