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I liked the new players. They all look like they can play. Why is it that DeShazer reminds me of Kevin Chriswell? I assume that Brooks will redshirt??

I thought that it was interesting that Shannon coached one of the teams, not Annette.
Schmitz or Deshazer may be the only frosh not redshirted. Either of these two will be Brooklyn's backup at point, and played well.

I am one that likes to see all freshman redshirt if possible. Point guard is the only position that really needs to add depth. Thus, my view why Deshazer or Schmitz not redshirting. Schmitz can play point but looks more like a two guard. I think Schmitz and Deshazer are competing for backup point and the one that doesn't win the backup will be redshirted. From watching the scrimmage yesterday, I kind of lean toward Deshazer being Brooklyn's backup. But, I also see Brooklyn playing a lot of minutes due to the inexperience backup at point.

Aside from the frosh, if the Lady Griz can resolve their inconsistencies at shooting, this team could be the best Lady Griz basketball team ever. If not, the team will be just one of the best Lady Griz teams.
We'll find out tomorrow when they walk out for the exhibiton but I think the feeling is that DeShazer will play and Schmitz and Cote will redshirt this year (maybe Schmitz's knee is not quite up to par yet?). Brooks may end up playing just to have one more "bigger body" on the bench with Gale redshirting due to her knee.

I, too, thought all the freshmen showed signs of being able to play. DeShazer seems like she can do a more than adequate job at point but I agree with TrueGriz - look for Brooklyn to play a lot of minutes. Schmitz appears to have some of the charisteristics as Edwards but with some better ballhandling skills and Cote seemed to have some athleticism and quickness (reminded me of Deming - maybe why they were matched up a lot). Brooks looks very athletic, too - bottom line, they're all freshmen and have a lot of learning to do.

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