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Posted: Wed Sep 18, 2002 10:40 am Post subject: Pete speaks, Montana's OUT


In this weeks Pete's Poll (and last weeks and the week before), Pete (no last name given) failed to place the reigning National Champion Montana Grizzly in the #1 slot. Pete's preseason power poll (is this like the Power Rangers Power Pole?) had Montana at #6, despite EVERYONE else in America (possibly even including Mrs. Pete) picking Montana.

Pete, of "Pete and Pete" fame on Niklelodean, or is it Pete's Wicked Ale, we can't say for certain because Pete doesn't offer any credentials on his web-site, sees the nation this way.

#1 - McNeese St.; should be in the top 10, but #2?
#2 - Maine; should be in the top 10, but #2?
#3 - Montana; what have they done lately besides win the NC and travel half-way across the country and blank Hofstra? I guess Pete is more impressed w/ Maine's opening victory over Central Connecticut Community College than with Montana's opening victory against Hofstra !
#4 - Western Illinois; these guys beat Drake! That alone is worthy of #4. Too bad Truman St. U isn't I-AA, or Pete would rank them #3 for beating Drake and displace Montana!
#5 - Lehigh; They beat a I-A team so Pete ranks them #5. Thank goodness Georgetown is I-AA, or Pete would have booted them out of the top 10.
#6 - Villanova; they're good, they beat a I-A team, but lost at home to Maine. They're good, but the concensus apart from Pete has them at #10.
#7 - Northeastern; hey, if you're in the A-10, you're in Pete's top 10! I thought it was a catchy slogan for Pete to use. Everyone on the planet, except for minimum-brainmassman, thinks a lot of Northeastern. massmutt thinks they stink, because he works with an Ohio U. grad, so that makes him know more about it than everyone else. They (NEU) beat a I-A team also, but that pales in comparison to umAss beating a DII team!
#8 - Bethune-Cookman; Ranked #44 in the concensus poll, BC-C earned Pete's respect by beating, are you ready, Savannah St., those trash-talking Owls of Florida Atlantic, and Morris Brown. Hell, they should be in the top 10 in I-A ball!
#9 - Northern Iowa; #18 in the concensus poll, Pete snuck them in with their incredible defeat of Wayne St. U of Michigan! Please disregard that 45-10 shellacking Oklahoma St. (not THAT Oklahoma, but the one that lost to WAC great La. Tech) put on them. Pete apparantly did!
#10 - Furman; Despite losing to Vandy (someone actually lost to Vandy!), they've cracked the top 10. I have nothing but respect for Billy Napier and FU. But #10? ASU beats a ranked team and Pete moves them from #19 to #18. Furman beats Elon and they move up to #10. Okay, it's Pete of "Pete's wicked Ale" fame, and he's sampling to much ale!

BTW, Turdsmells rationale for umAss being better than GSU is due largely to the fact that he, Turdy, is an idiot and GSU stomped the snot out of Humpstra a few years back (he's apparantly holding on to that grudge). Pete's Poll just validated his opinion!

umAss, by virtue of stomping AIU (for those of you NOT in the know, that's American International University), moved from #20 to #12! For the record, the rest of the country thinks umAss is ranked #38, but either Pete is an AIU graduate and wanted to validate that butt-kicking or he's a umAss graduate and wanted to validate that butt-kicking. You decide.

Thanks to Turdsmells for pointing out Pete's to us.

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