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Lulay Set to Lead Title Defense

Apr 26, 03 -- Bozeman, MT -- Saturday was a blustery day in Bobcat Stadium, not at all a typical spring day.

Which was just fine with Travis Lulay.

典his reminded me almost exactly of the Eastern Washington and Portland State games last year,・said MSU痴 sophomore quarterback, who stormed the Big Sky as a true freshman last season and led Montana State to the league title. 典he wind was blowing a little bit, it was a little overcast. It was fine.

MSU coach Mike Kramer has been a head coach in the Big Sky for the last decade. He has seen his share of quality quarterbacks, and is not hesitant to label his quarterback as special. 典ravis had an outstanding spring, and capped it with a very good day today. He moved the ball against an outstanding, veteran defense that is very familiar with what Travis wanted to do. It was a very good performance.・

Lulay himself was pleased. 的 thought we had a decent day,・he said. 典here were a couple of deep balls that got away from me, I need to throw it a little flatter so it doesn稚 get picked up in the gusts. I had a decent day, and the receivers caught pretty much everything today, so it went alright.・

Kramer said that the Bobcat offense got exactly what it needed from Lulay during the spring. 典he one thing that had to happen this spring was that Travis had to become the demonstrative leader of the offense,・Kramer said. 滴e showed that he can move the offense with a motley group of players around him, young players, against a very good defense.・

Lulay operated the Bobcat offense behind an offense that featured only one player projected to start next fall, and threw to a receivers corps that was missing three prospective contributors. The running backs group consisted of four redshirt freshmen.

The most productive element of the spring for Lulay, in Kramer痴 estimation, should be education. 滴e really had a good education this spring about being a quarterback,・Kramer said. 的t wasn稚 so much about playing in our offense, because he showed last fall that he has a great grasp of our system, but about being an effective quarterback when all indications are that the offense shouldn稚 be very good. The fact that we were good enough offensively to be on the field and focus and function is really a tribute to him and his ability.

典hat was neat to see.・
That is funny, but at least Idaho st. fans don't hoot and holler about being co-champs. See you in November, and bring your blankets because it's going to be a real long day! Oh yeah, and enjoy that win while it last because it's going to be another long wait.