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From Sac State paper


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I enjoyed the comments from the Sac players about the weather and the bobcat comments about how they won the short sleeve battle. Reminds me when Geo Southern came to town for a cold playoff game. Some looked like they were wearing three sweatshirts under the pads. Definite
shock value advantage for the home team. Won't be cold this weekend but they do sound demoralized. Important to hit them in the mouth early this sat.

Sac State notes: Hornets cite effort after their latest loss
By Sam Amick -- Bee Staff Writer
Published 2:15 a.m. PST Tuesday, November 4, 2003
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If the Sacramento State football team were a medical patient, it would still be kicking.

No flat-liners, plenty of gusto and no more drooping heads, even after Saturday's 56-7 drubbing against Montana State that pushed the Hornets' losing streak to five games and was chilling in any number of ways.

Sac State coach Steve Mooshag-ian stressed that point at Monday's "Chalk Talk" session, even challenging local media to watch game tape of his players' effort.

"No one gave up," he said adamantly.

Mooshagian's players have backed him up, conceding that while the season is lost, Sac State (2-7, 1-4) isn't a fragmented team, just an unsuccessful one.

And the chances of victory still seem dim. Mooshagian broke the news that running back Tyronne Gross is likely out for the season because of a strained anterior cruciate knee ligament suffered two weeks ago. The remaining games are also tough, with powerhouse Montana (7-2, 3-1) coming to Hornet Stadium on Saturday, and Sac State visiting Weber State (5-4, 2-3) in the season finale Nov. 15.

It's a once-promising operation gone wrong, and the Hornets sound as if they're on painkillers.

"I haven't seen anyone point fingers or get upset, and people find that hard to believe," Sac State senior offensive lineman Marko Cavka said. "No one's going to quit. It's gotten to the point where we're not going to waste our time worrying about what's already happened. We still have expectations to win."

The Hornets came far from it last Saturday, enduring 14-degree weather and a three-sided attack at Bobcat Stadium.

Montana State quarterback Travis Lulay ran for one touchdown and passed for another, seldom-used running back Bruce Molock scored three touchdowns and rushed for 201 yards, and the Hornets gave up two punt-return touchdowns by Corey Smith.

Sac State totaled just 239 yards while giving up 497 yards, one interception and one fumble to the Bobcats (5-4, 3-1).

A brutal blow -- Smith's second touchdown came in the second quarter, when he flew 80 yards to the end zone. And injury added to insult for Sac State.

Bobcats fullback Ryan Elliott laid a punishing block on Hornets punter Todd Marshall, whose feet flew above his head. Marshall, who was cast a few yards downfield, suffered a concussion but will play this Saturday.

"That block was pretty much a legal murder," Smith told the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

Cold times -- The wind chill factor dropped to 4 degrees during last Saturday's game, and the California boys were definitely out of their element.

When Sac State offensive lineman Chris Frank tried to sip his water bottle, it was frozen. Linebacker Park McAllister didn't notice a welt on his hand because the cold had so numbed the pain. As for the grass, Mooshagian said it was more like green concrete.

"They had heaters, and we didn't," Mooshagian said proudly. "We had 17 guys without sleeves on, and they only had 14."
Do we have someone on our team that counts the short sleeves on the opposing team? Could be a short sleeve advantage to the cats when we play them at the kitty box this year.

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