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Former Griz Sugarbear one of the Seagals!


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While looking through my program from the Steelers-Hawks game last Sunday I noticed a Seagal featured that used to be on the University Dance Team, now that I can't find the program after drinking a few beers too many :drinking: I am wondering if anyone knows who she is?
Very attractive!
One of the current Sugarbears tried out for the Portland Trailblazer cheerleaders this summer, and made it to the final cut. Maybe she will make it this next year.
I thought the "advice to a 12-year-old girl" should have been "show'em when you get'em." holy boob shot, batman.
Jim Brown once replied when asked why don't you celebrate after scoring a touchdown? " Because I have already been there before."
slick_willy said:
I don't know if y'all noticed, but if you look at those pictures really close, you can see her boobs.

If I look REALLY close I can see her sitting on my lap. :p
If I had my preference of where she was gonna sit, my lap wouldn't be my first choice! :lol:
Hey, What kinda crack is that?

If we keep this up GGG is gonna delete this topic, and send us to our rooms.

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